Backing Up your Images – Analog and Digital – a Lesson Learned



I was very lucky, not so much with capturing this shot, but for another reason.

I was very lucky that I had a print of this image. As with all things that can be lost, they will likely get lost – prints, negatives, slides not excluded!

The original image was shot with a Nikon F5 using KONICA Centuria 800 ASA film. Since then, my negatives have disappeared! However, I did make one print of this image.

I’ve always loved this image because it “may” be the most dramatic facial expression photograph I’ve ever made of a dancer. Clearly, she is portraying someone who is very upset, in anguish, and I was there to hit the shutter button at the right time.

Because I had that single print of this capture, I have been able to scan it into digital, and will make sure to have several copies on file from here onward!

The importance of backing up your images…Lesson learned.


2 thoughts on “Backing Up your Images – Analog and Digital – a Lesson Learned

  1. You were very lucky by catching this shot of the dancer.
    The dancer can do it in it by the most dramatic expression photograph and always matches this image.
    The dancer is upset very much and plays somebody who suffers obviously.
    And you were there to hit the shutter button for correct time.
    The importance of supporting your image…I learned a lesson.
    I can speak English just a little.
    And it is a fan of your photograph.
    Thank you. tukikage


  2. Totally! I was in the right place at the right time with a very good exposure. And, I was also lucky to have a print of this image so it could be scanned and saved as a digital file. I feel grateful for that. Regards & Much Appreciated!


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