I’m Living Technology Hell! My Tablet’s Charging Socket is Spoilt!

Hello blogging friends. I may be away for awhile, NOT BY CHOICE!

I’m Living Technology Hell!

My Tablet has decided that it does not want to work anymore: The Charging Socket is spoilt, I think. My cables and charger are in perfect condition and new.

Thus, IF I can’t figure out something soon, as my Battery is at 24%, and charging is in the negative mA’s.

☆If my Tab dies, that is it, I am Royally Fucķëď! I do all my work on my Tab, so if it STOPS working, it is total bullocks! I will be forced to STOP working too—editing and designing Art Photographs will stop too.

For I am screwed!

♡ If anyone want to contribute to the New Technology Fund for Nawfal, hey, that would be awesome. I’ve been blogging for at least 11 years, and have tried and done my best to give my subscribers good, interesting, and beautiful content—at least I hope my subscribers see it the same way.

☆ 23% now. Great, it is so awesome to know the exact time that your technology will screw you over.

Oh well….I’ll be back as soon as possible. Perhaps a phone repair shop can do something about the charging input socket, but I don’t know about that.

See you soon, I hope!

5 thoughts on “I’m Living Technology Hell! My Tablet’s Charging Socket is Spoilt!

    1. Yes, indeed, it is a difficult problem to deal with as we depend upon technology so much. Sounds like you too have some technology issues— I wish you the BEST luck.

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