I think that many people don’t understand or appreciate my art photography, BUT I CERTAINLY APPRECIATE THE PEOPLE WHO DO LIKE MY WORK, THANK YOU!

Creative Abstractionists are Highly Misunderstood and Much Ignored by the World— Or, perhaps it’s just Me!

Here is a snippet from an article by Galerie Michael, and I agree with what is written in it — many people do not take the time to understand the abstract artist, so they cannot appreciate or understand the artwork.

Galerie Michael • Oct 17, 2017


There’s a reason that contemporary art isn’t revered by society: they don’t understand it. The truth of the matter is that the diverse perspectives that are expressed through contemporary art are incredibly valuable to society, and reflect the many changes that we’ve had both in philosophy and in science over the course of our lifetimes. One thing is always going to be true: contemporary art is a snapshot of what it was like to live in our present day society, which is going to be valuable in the history of art. Want to know why contemporary art is so incredibly important? Here are three new movements and reasons that we have received through contemporary art, helping us to learn new diverse perspectives about the world.


During the 1940’s and 1950’s, artists like Jackson Pollock focused on a new movement of contemporary art called abstract expressionism. Through these paintings, they expressed the spontaneity in subjective emotions. It originated in New York but has permeated artistic culture to the point where it’s one of the most relevant movements today. Abstract expressionism is incredibly important to the way that people see each other today.

Title: “Orange Rust Number 1 on Purple-Blue Decayed Wall”.

Copyright 2014 Nawfal Johnson

All Rights Reserved.

Penang, Malaysia.

How do I know that I am neither understood by many people, nor is my Abstract Art Photography well received by many people?

Well, you must have a means to measure things to come to conclusions about things. The only means I have to do this here, at WordPress, is with the numbers of my subscribers, the numbers of “Likes” that I get, the numbers of comments that I receive, and the number of “Hits” that I get to my Posts.

After being a blogger for 11 (or more years, I lost track), I am underwhelmed with my progress. Taking all of the measurement tools mentioned above, all things considered, I should be doing much better than I am….thus….underwhelmed.

Maybe I should have taken Brooks Jensen’s statement more seriously: he said, “DON’T be an Abstract Photographer, no one will understand your work!”

At first, I wanted to ignore his statement and believed it could not be true. I wanted to believe that people, even if they do not understand me, or my work, that they could still appreciate the beautiful colours I incorporate in my works. Or perhaps they could appreciate the design and patterns I sometimes use. Or, perhaps I was hoping people could visually feel the texture of the subject materials that I photograph. Maybe, I always hope that my Abstract Photography inspires someone….anyone.

Maybe not.

I am just wondering why some photographers who produce photos (that may not be particularly well done), of very ordinary and overly photographed subjects, like flowers, or things like that, will get dozens, or even hundreds of “Likes”, and comments galore! A subject that is overly photographed in an ordinary way, and posted on the Internet a billion times over, and it is so much more “Liked” than the unusual and extraordinary abstract art photography that is my subject matter.

Yeah, I have to admit now, Brooks Jensen was absofuckinglutly correct….no one hardly gives a damn to see, or understand, the Abstractionists. Well, a few people do, but it must be a small percentage of the world’s total population.

Well…I don’t really give a fůçķ (anymore).

I am an Abstractionist. That is how my mind works and that is how I design my art photographs….Like it or not.

However, I do appreciate anyone who does take the time to see my work, and spends time with my work. Thanks.


5 thoughts on “I think that many people don’t understand or appreciate my art photography, BUT I CERTAINLY APPRECIATE THE PEOPLE WHO DO LIKE MY WORK, THANK YOU!

  1. I don’t always understand, but I always like your art. Does art have to mean anything? For me, it’s I like it, or not. I like your work, a lot. I like abstracts of many kinds. It pleases me.

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    1. Thank you so much, Resa! 🙂 You do bring up good questions. I often find that I am attracted to beautiful designs of colours, and textures, and shapes. And…..do I need to understand the artwork or the artist? Not really I guess. I don’t always understand the artist, but, as you said, you just know when you like an artwork. For me, knowing the reasons why, behind an artwork or series is interesting, but it does not influence if I will like an abstract artwork, or not. If there is a visual connection for me with an artwork, I just know it is some art piece of value aesthetically. Thanks so much!

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