ABSTRACT SMOKE #1, Edit F on 22 August 2019, aka, VIPER, from the Smoke-Art Photography Series and an Epiphany

I just discovered a quote by one of my favourite artists (Vincent Van Gogh), which so clearly, without a doubt sums up my online existence, and sharing my work with the Internet World for these last (at least, and even more than) 13 years.

Without further ado, here’s the quote by Van Gogh:

“A great fire burns within me, but no one stops to warm themselves at it, and passers-by only see a wisp of smoke”

― Vincent Van Gogh

How true! I see it fits my “Online life” so well, literally and figuratively. I am also, “a wisp of smoke” in the competitive Internet Art World game, or business, or maybe it is an unholy BATTLE!

When I read the quote, I was thinking,

“Holy F§©¦«! Yeah…..that sums it up.”

I’m not happy about it, of course. However, maybe there is much less ‘liking’ (yeap) and enthusiasm for my Abstract Photography Style(s) than I thought. Yet….I have not given up hope (Oh boy! Positive-Nawfal!) I continue to fight on, and I continue to design my images and offer fine art photographs for sale at Imagekind (and other places), where I currently have a collection of 2,580+ photographs.

One Abstract Photographer recently told me, “There is an audience for every style of Photography.” I knew that already, but it was good to hear it again from someone else.

☆ Anyway—Here’s the Link for my Gallery at Imagekind:


☆ AND, even though Van Gogh was personally challenged with many horrible “difficulties”, he continued on, and created some of the most well-known, priceless art pieces that exist today. It is too bad Van Gogh never lived long enough to see his work appreciated, loved, and coveted by the world’s art collectors. I can only hope for a fraction of Van Gogh’s eventual success (yeah……there’s Positive-Nawfal again!) I can dream, right! Well, no-one can f△©king stop me anyway! So I move forward and onward with or without “passers-by”!

Title: “ABSTRACT SMOKE #1, Edit F on 22 August 2019, aka, VIPER”.

Creation Date: 22 August 2019.


Series Year: 2009—2019.

Copyright 2019 Nawfal Johnson.

All Rights Reserved.
#Penang, #Malaysia.
Blog: http://smokephotographist.wordpress.com

☆ To Buy Fine Art Photographic Prints and Canvas, Goto My Sales Gallery Site, at this Link @imagekind:


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