Creation Date: 28 January 2021.
Fire Portraits” Series.
Series Years: 2016 – 2021 (On-Going).
Influence: “To Reign in Hell” novel by Steven Brust.
Art Photographs: Photography of fire shaped into Portrait-like imagery, of the characters, angels, in “To Reign in Hell”, written by Steven Brust.

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Note 1: After doing the first art photo, I said to myself, “I’m seeing some faces from Brust’s novel in this image, and I need to investigate, and work this out further to see what develops.”

Note 2: One very interesting aspect of Brust’s story is that all of the angels were essentially good until a conflict and deception arose among the angels. On top of that, the three “evil” angels in the story ( evil according to many ‘modernised’ views…modern being several thousand years for Satan/Lucifer/Devil, and hundreds for Mephisto ) — Satan and Lucifer are the same entity, and Mephistopheles is the name invented for the historical Johann Georg Faust (c. 1480–c. 1540), and in demonology, Mephistopheles was “one of the seven chief devils and the tempter of Faust”. Nevertheless, in Brust’s story, Satan and Lucifer are “First-Borns”, and Mephistopheles is an archangel, not of the devils or demons, but he is Fallen.

Note 3: My Brust angels are a contradiction because they are made of fire. Angels, “fallen” or not, made of fire, I think is a contradiction.

Note 4: Sammael is a fallen archangel, and the Lord of Destruction. Some think this was Lucifer’s original name. The Jews think he is the archangel of the AMALEKITES (Gentiles) — Fine. Bring IT!


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  1. Back in 2008, I came across a tradition in the Greek Orthodox Church that I hadn’t heard before.

    Which is that angels had until the 1st Coming of Christ to decide to permanently be on the side of either good or evil.

    Just like mortal humans have until the moment of their deaths or the 2nd Coming of Christ to decide to permanently be on the side of good or evil.

    When I encountered this tradition, a lot of baffling mysteries in angelogy and demonology started making sense.

    Like why did God assign Semjaza and the Watchers to watch Earth if they were already fallen angels?

    Or why did Semjaza ask the Watchers to take oaths swearing they’d sleep with mortal human women together so that all would be lost and not just Semjaza if he did it first if all of them were already fallen angels destined for perdition?

    As mentioned in the 1st Book of Enoch.

    But if angels had until the 1st Coming of Christ to make the choices that decide their eternal fate, then it all starts to make a lot of sense.

    First to fall were Lucifer/Satan/The Devil and the 1/3 of angels who followed him.

    Possibly other individual angels throughout the eons until Christ’s 1st Coming.

    Semjaza and the Watchers then fell en masse as a result of sleeping with mortal human women.

    I don’t think the Satan referenced in the Book of Job refers to Lucifer/The Devil but rather Samael (aka Sammael) the Archangel of Death mentioned in the Babylonian Talmud.

    He was in addition to being the Angel of Death sort of a Prime Ministerial and Attorney-General and prosecuting attorney figure in the celestial angelic hierarchy.

    The term Satan (adversary) being used here in the Book of Job is in the sense of an accuser as in a prosecuting attorney accusing a defendant.

    Samael/Satan was accusing Job of being insincere.

    If it was Lucifer/The Devil (also called Satan in the sense that he is definitely an adversary of both man and God) who was going after Job, how did he as a fallen angel have access to the throne room of God if he was cast out of the highest heaven as mentioned in other places of Scripture and Jewish and Church traditions?

    But if he was Samael the Angel of Death who was also an angelic Prime Minister, Attorney-General and Prosecuting Attorney at the time of Job’s life, then having access to the throne room of God makes sense.

    The sheer viciousness with which Samael went after Job is indicative of a defect of character that probably led to his fall before the 1st Coming of Christ.

    As in later Jewish mystical traditions, Samael (who had just been regarded as the Archangel of Death before) became a definite fallen Archangel.

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    1. Dracul … that is the most intense Comment I’ve ever received! And frankly, I have no other insight on the nature of Sammael, as I think you have very clearly given a great synopsis of his nature, and that of others of his realm. Each religious tradition seems to have their own interpretations, and disagreements, I would assume. Some will say, of course, that it is just religious mythology. All that I know is where there is Good, there is ultimately, Dreaded EVIL, whatever form that takes in our world … but I do believe that beings from other realms can transcend whatever gateway exists, and interact in our realm, and some of us are more aware of this than others … the Openness of one’s Third Eye, so to speak. Great comment.

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