MENTAL NOTE #140, What You Want At What Cost

MENTAL NOTE #140: “You can get whatever you want in life, but at what cost? That’s been the story of my life”. ~ Jamie Thomas ~

Jamie Thomas : He is a Professional Skateboarder and Entrepreneur, but it didn’t come easily — Never does, usually. He and two friends went to California to become Pro Skateboarders, but he took hard knocks all the way to get to that dream. At one point early on, they were so broke, they were panhandling for change in San Francisco, and eating scraps of leftovers from a pizza joint. And at night, they would often sleep outside, sometimes in the bowl, at the skateboard park. I won’t go into his full story here, but the sacrifices he made for a long time, to first just get off the streets, and after time, to get skateboard sponsorships, and then starting businesses, was a journey of unending perseverance, total dedication, never giving up, and taking risks. This same core life philosophy can also be applied to whatever you are driven by in life.


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