I’m in a NEW Art Photography Group Exhibition at ARTDOC Photography Magazine


I did have some good news: I’m in a Group Exhibition in ARTDOC Photography Magazine, titled, EXPERIMENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY, which opened on 19 August 2021.

I have two artworks in the exhibition: “DARTH PLAGUEIS”, and, “HECATOMB TO THE ALIEN OVERLORDS”. Both images are from my ABSTRACT LIGHT STREAKS (ALS) Photography Series, which now has 482 pieces in it, and spans a period from 2015 to the Present.

Here’s the Link to the Exhibition at ARTDOC Magazine:


My Images are at the end of the exhibition page, and close out the exhibition of very interesting, and inspiring images. I’m very grateful to have been chosen to be in this exhibition, as my photography style is nearly 100% Experimental and Abstract.

Another reason I’m very thankful to be exhibited and published in ARTDOC Photography Magazine is because some photographer legends, and major photography inspirations and masters of the craft, such as Sabastiao Salgado, have their portfolios published in this magazine.

“HECATOMB TO THE ALIEN OVERLORDS, ALS #428”, (2021), from the Abstract Light Streaks Photography Series.


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