Foxfire Kinemon, THE NINE RED SCABBARDS Photography Series is now completed

Title: “Foxfire Kinemon”.

☆ Leader of The Nine Red Scabbards.

Creation Date: 23 JANUARY 2021.

Creation Year: 2021.
By: Nawfal Johnson.

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SERIES: NINE RED SCABBARDS ( 赤鞘九人男 ). Romanized: Akazaya Kunin Otoko, or, simply, “Akazaya Nine”.
YEAR: 2020 – 2021 (Completed).


The “Nine Red Scabbards” Abstract Light Streaks Photography Series, is, of course, a nine piece series depicting the Samurai and Ninja Retainers of Kozuki Oden, of the country of Wano, in the One Piece (Manga / Anime) World.
“Kozuki Oden was the daimyo of Kuri in Wano Country and the son of the former shogun Kozuki Sukiyaki, being a member of the Kozuki Family. He was the husband of Kozuki Toki and the father of Momonosuke and Hiyori. Additionally, he was the leader of a group of legendary and powerful samurai known as the Nine Red Scabbards, with all of them serving as his retainers and most trusted allies.”
Oden was also formerly the 2nd Division Commander of the White Beard Pirates.
When Oden returned to Wano, he was captured, and executed by his nemesis, Lord Orochi, and the Yonko, Kaido.
There was one traitor (double-agent) among the original Nine Red Scabbards, Kanjuro, [who] “later confronted his former comrades with an army at Onigashima’s back entrance. After mocking them and explaining Momonosuke’s escape attempt and how his execution was taking place, Kanjuro clashed with Kikunojo. He was then defeated [by Kikunojo] and left bleeding on the ground, and Kin’emon solemnly dropped his hat upon him in passing.”

Therefore, the traitor, Kanjuro, is not in this series—No Traitors Allowed! In his place is an honorary Scabbard, Izo.

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LIGHT WITHIN SMOKE #1, Edit H, ON 10 January 2021

Title: “LIGHT WITHIN SMOKE #1, Edit H, ON 10 January 2021.”

Copyright 2021 Nawfal Johnson
All Rights Reserved.

“LIGHT within SMOKE” is a series that contains elements of both Smoke-Art Photography and Light Streaks Photography. These artworks are complex. There are details within details. Many of the artwork titles are very descriptive because there is so much action going on in each piece, performed by odd combinations of colourful characters.

Series Year(s): 2019 – Present (On-Going).

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I was trying to remember what year I started my blog: This is my second oldest blog, and my recently ‘retired’ blog, , is my oldest blog — I started exhibiting my Fine Art Photography, and writing and publishing on the subjects of PHOTOGRAPHY, Art, and related information, at , in 2005. Thus, my guess, without purposefully looking it up, is that was founded in 2007. Therefore, I think this blog is about 13, or thereabouts, years old.

BY THE WAY, WORDPRESS was founded in May 2003, so I’ve been blogging (since April 2005) for ALMOST as long as WORDPRESS has been around. I’m an ‘OldTimer’!

I usually publish and exhibit my Fine Art Photography here. HOWEVER …

This year, I started an ongoing ‘Philosophical’ (sort of) series, titled “MENTAL NOTES”, and actually I have many more than 110 MENTAL NOTEs: For some odd, mental reason, I got MAJORLY STUCK at MENTAL NOTE #31! FOR SEVERAL WEEKS, I was publishing MENTAL NOTES at #31, so I had MENTAL NOTEs numbering, #31.1, 31.2 … MENTAL NOTE #31.9736482, LOL!, UNTIL I felt one of my new MENTAL NOTEs seemed like a #32.

Therefore, I have no idea of the exact number of MENTAL NOTEs published so far, but I would guess somewhere between 125 to 145 … probably.

I could have dedicated a New Blog to my MENTAL NOTES Series; however, starting a new blog is not the best way to get a lot of people to see content you want them to see. It is a slow process to gain followers at a new blog!

After retiring , I asked people to Goto my Newest Art Photography Blog, and support me over there … it was a Simple click of the button / Link, to goto my new Blog and Hit Subscribe!

It may take a total of 20 Seconds to Support me at my new Art Photography Blog … BUT I WAS A BIT DISAPPOINTED that ONLY A HANDFUL of my current subscribers took the small amount of time, and small effort, to Subscribe and Support me at my New Blog, . I think you too, would be slightly disappointed, don’t you think, if you had such low results from a simple request for help.

Therefore, that showed me that even when I asked for help from present subscribers at my old blog, to support me at my NEW Blog, ( ) , it was like pulling teeth to get people to help me out with that small request. NEVERTHELESS, I was Very-VERY Happy with the people who took the effort to show their support for me.

If you start a new blog, please let me know, because I will show my support,

… as long as your new blog is not something on the EXTREME FRINGE of subject matter … or it is a blog focusing on a philosophy that I ethically and morally cannot support — but I don’t think anyone here who presently subscribes to my blogs is into EXTREMELY fringe and majorly controversial subjects that I am vehemently against.

Therefore, starting a new blog is not easy, even if you have a reasonable following at other blogs you publish.

If you want to start a new subject series, it is basically more efficient to work it into your present blog(s), in my opinion. That is what I did with my MENTAL NOTEs SERIES — I just made it a regular subject at my established blog. You may find that useful information for your own blog, if you want to start writing on a new topic, on a regular basis.

Anyway, that’s about all I want to write about in this Blog Post Number 800, and in contemplating life in the Blogosphere, in MENTAL NOTE #110.


MENTAL NOTE #81: IT IS TRUE, that the VERY WISE, and VERY HELPFUL things said, and wrote by, smart people of the past, are generously ignored by the idiots of the present.

“In his celebrated little book, On Liberty, the English philosopher John Stuart Mill argued that silencing an opinion is a 'peculiar evil. If the opinion is right, we are robbed of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth’; and if it’s wrong, we are deprived of a deeper understanding of the truth in its collision with error'. If we know only our own side of the argument, we hardly know even that; it becomes stale, soon learned only by rote, untested, a pallid and lifeless truth. Mill also wrote, If society lets any considerable number of its members grow up as mere children, incapable of being acted on by rational consideration of distant motives, society has itself to blame. ‘ Jefferson made the same point even more strongly: If a nation expects to be both ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.' In a letter to Madison, he continued the thought: A society that will trade a little liberty for a little order will lose both, and deserve neither.’

Sagan, C. (2014). The demon-haunted world: Science as a candle in the dark. New York: Ballantine Books. p. 408.

I would consider Carl Sagan, Thomas Jefferson, and John Stuart Mill to be very smart individuals who spoke and wrote very brilliant and wise thoughts. Yet, today, a good portion of society, ignores, or simply refuses to heed the wisdom of these people, and people of the same calibre.

MILANO RED, from the Colour-Dominance Photography Series


Title: “MILANO RED”.

Creation Date: 11 August 2020.
Copyright 2020 Nawfal Johnson
All Rights Reserved.
#Penang, #Malaysia.

Series Description:

Colour-Dominance” (2019-Present (On-Going)), is an Abstract Photography Series that comprises images of abstractions, fields of dominant colours, and the titles reflect the dominant colour of each art piece. These works are highly influenced by, and inspired by, my appreciation for Mark Rothko’s great Color Field artworks. For this particular series, Rothko is by far the most influential artist for me. However, in general, I draw most of my inspiration for designing abstract photography artwork, from Jackson Pollock.

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Inanimate objects are NOT capable of “racism” or “hate”.  Even IF an artwork represents a Person, Place, Thing, or Idea, it doesn’t mean you have to agree with it.  You DON’T EVEN HAVE TO LIKE IT, AS AN ARTWORK!  I SERIOUSLY DESPISE A LOT OF MODERN ART; HOWEVER, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, IT DOES NOT GIVE ME THE RIGHT TO DEFILE, VANDALIZE, OR DESTROY ANY ARTWORKS THAT I DON’T LIKE, OR ARTWORKS THAT REPRESENT SOME ATTRIBUTED IDEALS, OR CONTROVERSIAL IDEALS THAT YOU PERSONALLY ASSOCIATE WITH THE SUBJECT OF THE ARTWORK!  ☆☆☆ Because you disagree with someone or something else, it does not give you the right to violate, damage, or harm other people’s sovereignty, their wellbeing, or their property, or, their artwork!

I’ll get more into #ALL-ARTWORKS-MATTER, later, but for now, ANY AND #ALL-ARTWORKS-MATTER! That should be enough, but it isn’t, because crazy people don’t listen to reason. Therefore, let’s continue and discuss some, ahhhhhh, reason and logic, which may be simply lost in the hate and racism vapor that seems more contagious than C o v I d!

You have a choice: You DON’T have to agree with any supposed, or FAKE NARRATIVE, which is brainwashing the Sheeple into “hating” artworks (mostly Public Sculptures for now), because the people or ideals portrayed in the surface of a sculpture, are claimed to be “racist” — REALLY?!? 

Inanimate Objects CANNOT be racist! People can be racist, but your car, or truck, for example, cannot be racist. Say that you have an antique Mercedes-Benz truck made in Nazi-Germany, in 1940. So, that makes your antique Mercedes-Benz Truck, a………NAZI-RACIST!!!!!!!!! No. It does not. Some irrational and angry thugs may claim that your truck is….a NAZI-RACIST, NO MATTER HOW MUCH you attempt to reason and explain to them that inanimate objects CANNOT be racist. They are so irrational, and racist on their own, they demand your truck be destroyed because it symbolizes the hate of NAZI GERMANY! DAMN THEM NAZIS!!! If that were truly the case, then ALL MERCEDES-BENZ vehicles should rightly be destroyed as the company itself, was operating during the time of NAZI GERMANY; and therefore, the company must still be ROOTED IN HATE AND NAZI’ISM….Damn them Nazi, Racist Vehicles! Destroy them all! Even all of the Mercedes-Benz cars driven by any supporters of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, sorry, but your car is highly racist. It is set to be demolished!

☆☆☆ Therefore, labeling ANY inanimate object, including statues, and other artworks, as ‘racist’, is asinine! ☆☆☆

Now, let me share with you an artwork, a statue, that I DO find offensive; however, it, I believe, should also be protected under the First Amendment, for the Artist’s right of free expression, as artworks are an expression of Artists’ skills and works.

There are some statues of Baphomet that I find offensive, but you don’t see me going and vandalizing these Satanic Icons, these ‘demonic’ statues, or destroying them.  I choose NOT to agree with any alleged symbolic meaning of these artworks, and I choose NOT to like them.  However, I don’t advocate any destruction of someone else’s artworks, not even these artworks.

“The statue of Baphomet (photo below) is a bronze sculpture commissioned by The Satanic Temple depicting the goat-headed, winged symbol of the occult. First unveiled in Detroit in 2015, the statue stands 8.5 feet (2.6 m) tall and features a prominent pentagram as well as two smiling youths gazing up at the seated central figure.”

Wikipedia “Baphomet”

Yeah, what could be wrong with a Goat-Man-Demon Statue representing Satanism, for which the Knights Templar and Freemasons (both part of the historical Illuminati) worship(ed) this ‘demon’, and/or held it in high esteem. However, the most sinister thing about this artwork is the inclusion of the adoring little children (Now that is CREEPY to the ‘Epsteinth’-Power — This could be signs of the Elite’s approval of pedophilia, do ya’think).  

“Baphomet appeared first in the trial transcripts for the Knights Templar in the 14th century. By the 19th century, the name had come into popular English language.”  (

“Since back in 1856, the name of Baphomet has been associated with a goat headed creature that was drawn by Eliphas Levi. Levi was an author of the occult by way of France. Anyways, the essentials of this drawing include elements that stand for the sum total of the universe. In the time the Baphomet was drawn, Levi’s intention was to create a symbolization of his concept of “the equilibium of the opposites”. It was a large part of his notion of Astral Light. On the other hand, the Baphomet stands for a sacrilegious tradition that is supposed to give rise to a perfect social order.”  (

“However, the first time the name Baphomet was seen was in a letter by a crusader by the name of Anselm of Ribemont in 1098. In this letter, Anselm of Ribemont wrote they had “called loudly upon Baphometh” all the while praying silently to God. This was [to] defeat their enemies.”  (

“There is also a strong connection with Baphomet and the Knights Templar. When the Knights Templar were stifled by King Philip IV of France, in 1307, he had many of the French Templars arrested and then tortured these men until they confessed to their transgressions. King Philip also owed a debt to the Knights Templar, so this is one potential reason he had them all arrested.”  (

☆  In the case of this (these) Baphomet statues, there is an obvious case of intention to create artwork that represents an idea/philosophy/belief/religion, in my opinion.    HOWEVER, I FEEL, that most, or ALL, of the statues being DESTROYED by these Communist Terrorist Groups* (Antifa and Black Lives Matter), have serious and devious intentions. For they are destroying even statues of Founding Fathers (Who Guaranteed the Rights to All People in the Bill of Rights / Constitution; they are destroying statues of people (White skin Coloured People), like Abraham Lincoln, who Freed the Slaves! Is this NOT Completely Insane! When people do this, it is based on Hatred, Racism, and some higher Political Agenda! These are actions committed against Americans, of ALL COLOURS OF SKIN. I think the majority of Americans, love America, and hate what the domestic terrorist thugs are doing to America. These thugs are threatening life, liberty, and happiness, for everyone; and pushing their communist ideologies, through violence. This violence now has threatened the Art World, and nothing is being done, really, to stop it. There are a few stories of brave citizens and police who have protected a few monuments and statues, but many more are being destroyed without any resistance.

What these thugs don’t want to realize, rather, they probably don’t even care to consider this, is that these are just artworks. These are just artworks/statues representing the LIKENESS of Historical Figures, or depicting Historical Events. Some may have significant symbolic meaning too.  And, I already know what the response from these Terrorist Groups would be, besides showing me hate: They may say, “Well, if these statues represent a particular person from History who supported ANY IDEAL in History we don’t like, then, the statue is also Guilty by Association, so TEAR IT DOWN!  THAT, my friends, is a very poor excuse to destroy art of any kind. 

* According to articles on the NEWSWEEK and the Odyssey Online websites, in 2016, Antifa and Black Lives Matter were already considered domestic threats to America’s stability.

“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has formally classified the activities of anti-fascist groups (antifa) as “domestic terrorist violence” since early 2016, according to confidential law enforcement documents obtained by Politico and interviews.” I would suspect that T r u m p will not officially put Antifa on the Domestic Terrorist classification because he is probably owned by the very people who fund and support Antifa, that being Soros and his ilk.

I would say that Antifa’s activities since 2016 have become more heinous, and there is no difference really between groups like ISIS, and Antifa, because they both hate the American way of life. They just hate. And they both want to cause harm to America and Americans, by way of violence.

Black Lives Matter fits ALL OF THE PATRIOT ACT CRITERIA to be classified a Terrorist Group!

“According to current United States law, set forth in the USA PATRIOT Act, acts of domestic terrorism are those which: “(A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State; (B) appear to be intended — (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.”

“Furthermore, the Black Lives Matter movement is a serious threat to the national security of the United States of America, which means they are a threat to territory, people or way of life for America’s citizens. Way of life includes freedom (civil rights), chance of increasing one’s life (economic freedom), prosperity, political freedom, openness and stability of its citizens.”

“A main theme for terrorists is to disrupt daily life of a country’s people. Black Lives Matter protesters have blocked roads, burned businesses, attacked officers and innocent people, and ultimately used violence to push their message. Whether you think there has been an unfair act against an African American in police custody is irrelevant. The point is, they are undeniably domestic terrorists according to United States law and definitions of terrorism.” (Source:

BLM fits all of the Terrorism Criteria, even including their actions back in Ferguson, and they have become even worse now. Nevertheless, for some mysterious reason, no one in government gives a damn to stop these domestic terrorists from causing acts dangerous to human life; intimidating and threatening Americans; coercing or influencing government because they are not being stopped, but rather, they are greatly supported by traitorous politicians; and they are causing mass destruction, and all of this is happening within America.

Let’s NOW Go Back to the Topic of Our Art Discussion: HERE COULD BE AN EXCEPTION TO THE ‘DON’T TRASH ART RULE’; because, the ‘art’ was literally trash.

Here’s an example of artwork that could clearly and justifiably be trashed in order to help restore a little respect for Modern Art: I’ve seen actual “Piles of Trash” being exhibited in major art museums, and in one famous case, a cleaning lady mistakenly thought a ‘FAMOUS’ artwork (two in fact), “Piles of Trash” (just using that name), was actual trash, so she put it in the garbage can and off it went, to the landfill! Here’s her ‘tragic’ story:

“A cleaning woman at an Italian gallery accidentally threw away thousands of dollars of art by New York modernist Paul Branca when she mistook his crumpled newspaper, cardboard, and cookie installation scattered across the floor for garden-variety trash.

The pieces, estimated to be worth around $15,000, were apparently intended to make viewers think of the environment.

“We are obviously very sorry for what happened,” city marketing commissioner Antonio Maria Vasile said.

The gallery says they do not blame the cleaning woman, who “did not realise she had thrown away two works and their value.”

“Cleaning Lady Threw Away Expensive Modern Art She Mistook For Trash”, story by Gabrielle Bluestone on 02/21/14, on website GAWKER.COM

The cleaning lady made a mistake, which many people, including myself, would find totally justifiable!  However, someone, somewhere, said “Ah magnificent!  This is the next best…trash since the last pile of trash!”  Just because I AM COMPLETELY SHOCKED AND TOTALLY EMBARRASSED FOR THE ART WORLD WHEN SEEING TRASH TOUTED AS GREAT ART, IT DOES make me very sad, but it DOES NOT turn me into a RAGING LUNATIC HATEMONGERING VANDAL, Hell-bent on purging any sort of artwork that offends me or hurts my feelings. When I see trash that is really trash, but disguised as art, I just say, “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” “Nothing to see here folks, just another pile of trash that some pretentious prick in the art world deemed as ‘great art’, so we are all supposed to believe it.” Not me.


Let me start by saying, just because I do NOT like the Creepy and Satanic Statue(s) of Baphomet, the believers in Satanism don’t see anything wrong with the artwork or why it should offend anyone else, and that is their right.

“The best-known modern image of Baphomet was drawn in 1856 by the French occultist Eliphas Levi, in his book Transcendental Magic: Its Doctrine and Ritual.

He envisaged a winged hermaphrodite with a torch between his horns and a pentagram on his forehead.

Its arms bore the Latin words SOLVE (separate) and COAGULA (join together) – the powers of “binding and loosing” usurped from God.

Levi’s drawing was the inspiration for the Satanic Temple’s new monument.

“It contains all these binary opposites – above and below, part animal, part human. Male and female,” says Greaves.

“It embodies opposites and celebrates contrasts.”

Two-finger salute

Two fingers on the right hand point up and two on the left hand point down, meaning “as above, so below”.

These words and the accompanying gesture are familiar to occultists. They are drawn from the ancient works of Hermes Trismegistus, whose writings became popular during the Renaissance and Reformation.

The phrase is also used in relation to science, the universe and God, but Levi wrote that, by making the gesture, his Baphomet “expresses the perfect harmony of mercy with justice”.” (

That is what the 19th Century Satanist, Levi, used as justification to explain how wonderfully harmonious and lovely Satanism is, AND, I don’t have to believe any of it.  That is my right.  I’m just wondering, while Satan is busy Zening-Out, being at One with, and Peacefully being in Harmony with the Universe, who’s in Hell Torturing the Lost Souls?  Or, is there like an Autopilot sort of thing—or maybe Hell is already A.I., dominated!  The “Track & Trace Department  of the Evil Damned”, sponsored by the B. And M. Gates Organization — Where the motto is, “We also have you covered, chipped, and tracked in Hell!”

Fair Use for Educational Article, low resolution of image.  Image © 2015 Matt Anderson. ** Notice the Inverted Pentagram with the circle around it. I’ll discuss that in a moment.

Fair Use for Educational Article purposes.  Notice four immediate and important differences between the drawing and the sculpture of Baphomet:  1) The Drawing has a totally different Pentagram on it, an upright Pentagram; however, the one on the statue is an Inverted Pentagram, and is associated with evil and Satanism. ** That is significant.  2)  The Drawing clearly shows the female breasts, but the sculpture sort of hide them.  3) The drawing clearly shows the hand shapes, different in each hand, and these hand signals are used in Freemasonry. 4) There are no children in the Levi drawing, so why are children being blatantly shown in the modern sculpture of Baphomet? Seems nefarious to me.

While Levi tries to say that Satanism is a Peaceful, One With the Universe, sort of “ideology”; Christians clearly have a different viewpoint on Freemasonry and Satanism.

Freemasonry is a Satanic religion in disguise.  The Popes knew the real nature of freemasonry.  Aside from the numerous testimonies from former masons, one of the more accurate sources was the seizure by Pope Gregory XVI of documents from the masonic lodge known as “Alta Vendita”. The documents were later on published in a book, and disseminated through various lectures.

The “Alta Vendita” documents chillingly summarizes a plan to infiltrate and destroy the Catholic Church from within:

“Our ultimate end is that of…the final destruction of Catholicism, and even of the Christian idea … The Pope, whoever he is, will never come to the secret societies; it is up to the secret societies to take the first step toward the Church, with the aim of conquering both of them. The task that we are going to undertake is not the work of a day, or of a month, or of a year; it may last several years, perhaps a century… What we must ask for, what we should look for and wait for, as the Jews wait for the Messiah, is a Pope according to our needs … You will contrive for yourselves, at little cost, a reputation as good Catholics and pure patriots. This reputation will put access to our doctrines into the midst of the young clergy, as well as deeply into the monasteries. In a few years, by the force of things, this young clergy will have overrun all the functions; they will form the sovereign’s council, they will be called to choose a Pontiff who should reign …” (

** Let’s Discuss the Different Pentagrams shown on the Drawing and the Statue. The Drawing, done by Levi, is the earlier rendition of Baphomet, and has an Upright Pentagram, while the contemporary Baphomet, as seen in the 2015 statue, has an Inverted Pentagram. The Upright Pentagram is typically a symbol for warding spells (protection) in Wicca; whereas, the Inverted Pentagram is seen as associated with evil and Satanism. There seems to be an intentional change in Modern Satanism from the “good” Pentagram, to the Pentagram associated with evil. Therefore, there is nothing innocent regarding the children being with the goat-man-demon, in the modern Baphomet statue. NEVERTHELESS, I SERIOUSLY doubt if good’ol Baphomet is on the domestic terrorists’ list of statues to destroy. They’re too busy destroying artwork of our Founding Fathers, important historical Confederate leaders, and even Abraham Lincoln. These domestic terrorists are traitorous turncoats!

Inverted Pentagram History

“Although the upright pentagram has a long and complex history, it was not until the 19th century that the inverted pentagram took on a greater significance in the occult world. During the 1800s, the French occultist Eliphas Levi captured the public’s attention with his interest in magic and the occult. Levi, pseudonym of Alphonse Louis Constant, associated the inverted pentagram with evil. He specifically associated the inverted pentagram with the horns of the goat of the witches’ sabbat, or holy day. The goat refers to Baphomet, the half-human, half-goat figure that represents the demon or the devil.”


Upright Pentagram in Modern Magic

“Different magical traditions may have their own interpretations of the upright pentagram. The pentacle is the most important symbol in the Pagan religion of Wicca (or contemporary witchcraft). A pentacle is a pentagram with a circle drawn around it. The upright star relates to the five elements of earth, air, water, fire and spirit. The top point of the star relates to spirit. Witches use the pentagram as a sign of their faith, for protection and for invocation or banishing spells and rituals. In modern magical traditions, the upright pentagram represents the power of spirit over the material.”


Inverted Pentagram in Modern Magic

“In modern magical traditions, the inverted pentagram typically relates to the domination of matter over spirit. People often associate the inverted pentagram with evil and Satanists, or individuals who worship Satan or the Devil. In 1966, Anton Szandor LaVey founded the Church of Satan in San Francisco. The Church of Satan uses an image of Baphomet as its main symbol. The symbol features Baphomet’s head with an inverted pentagram enclosed in a circle on it. Depending on the magical tradition, modern witches may refrain from using the inverted pentagram in their rituals because of its evil connotations. However, in the Gardnerian tradition of Wicca, witches may use the inverted pentagram to represent a Second Degree Initiation.”



An Artist, spends time and money, and exerts much effort to work on commissioned and personal projects, to produce art of a subject — whether it be controversial or not…historical or not…symbolic or not…religious or not…abstract or not…ridiculous or not! The artist’s motivation is, or should be, Art for the Sake of ART!  PERIOD!  FOR THE MOST PART.  There are exceptions, and sometimes those exceptions are controversial, as with the sculpture(s) of Baphomet, but in Most cases of art, art is NOT created to promote racism or hatred.  Art itself is not racist or hateful!  An Artist, and his or her art sculptures (or paintings), are motivated by a creative process of artistic expression. You DON’T have to agree with or like any particular artistic expression! ALL AMERICANS (at least), are supposed to enjoy FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION under the First Amendment, in the Bill of Rights. This Right Shall NOT be infringed upon, by anyone, unless you physically harm someone, I’m guessing, in the pursuit of your First Amendment rights. There of course, is another reason Artists do their work, and that is for commerce — to SURVIVE AS AN ARTIST and GET PAID AS A WORKING ARTIST!  PERIOD!

☆ ☆☆

Just because a Couple of Domestic Terrorist Groups with Communist and Hate Agendas, have riled-up the brainwashed idiots into hysteria, and gotten the masses into a very Hateful “group-think” mentality against any History (including artworks) that include ANYTHING THEY CAN CLAIM TO BE OFFENDED BY, they think they have a right OVER THE REST OF US, to destroy Art, History, and Heritage that the Majority of The People feel is important and significant.  All of these Antifa and BLM members must be working for MiniTrue! “Oh you don’t like it is it? OK, no worries, just destroy, burn, eradicate it, as if it never existed, and it becomes “New-truth.”” That’s not how the law is supposed to work!

Artistic Expression is Protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution!

The following several paragraphs are from the FREEDOM FORUM INSTITUTE, website, and it clearly states that, “There is no Federal constitutional issue more grave than the effort by government officials to censor works of expression…” The governments, local, state, and federal, are essentially censoring the works of expression of these public statues, which are being destroyed, because of their duplicitous behaviour of NOT STOPPING the thugs who are censoring what art statues they deem fit to remain standing. The government bodies and politicians are complicit in this nefarious 1984 rendition of art expression! The government appears to have sided with groups of Thuggies. That is deplorable!

“Government funding: Many high visibility battles involve government expenditures for the arts. In the early 1990s, the National Endowment for the Arts was criticized for funding work by Andres Serrano and Robert Mapplethorpe, two controversial artists.”

“Congress responded by requiring that the NEA operate so that artistic excellence and artistic merit are the criteria by which applications are judged, taking into consideration general standards of decency and respect for the diverse beliefs and values of the American public.”

“In 1998, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in NEA v. Finley that the law did not violate the First Amendment, concluding that no specific viewpoint was targeted and that “general standards of decency and respect” were not the sole grounds for decision-making by the NEA.”

“While the battle over the NEA has subsided in recent years — due in part to the agency’s greater emphasis on local grants — there have been other highly visible battles involving government funding of the arts.”

“This typically occurs when government has invested public funds in an art museum, but later objects to the art on display.”

“In 1999, then-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani objected to the “Sensation” exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. He was particularly offended by a painting of the Virgin Mary which incorporated elephant dung, a ceremonial technique used by artist Chris Ofili.”

“The city demanded that the art museum cancel the show. When it refused to do so, the city withheld about $500,000 in funding. The money had been budgeted for general support of the museum.”

“U.S. District Judge Nina Gershon ordered the funding reinstated, finding that the city had violated the First Amendment.”

“There is no Federal constitutional issue more grave than the effort by government officials to censor works of expression and to threaten the vitality of a major cultural institution, as punishment for failing to abide by government demand for orthodoxy,” Gershon said in Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences v. City of New York.

“To be clear, government always has the option not to fund art. Once it does, however, it cannot use its government power to restrict art that may be regarded as offensive, but which does not meet the legal test for obscenity.”

Even after all of the destruction, death, violence, arson, vandalism, and suffering caused by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, these sycophantic politicians, actors, pro ball players, and corporate oligarchs, all come out in mass to praise the Thuggies, and then they overtly support these Thuggie Groups with politicing, praising, and MASSIVE funding. This is traitorous! And according to The Patriot Act and the NDAA, providing financial support for terrorist groups is against the law and traitorous!

The NWO Masters of these puppet politicians (currently in office) see no problem in letting this Orwellian Nightmare rage onward. They appear not to care about the destruction of Art, or for that matter, the wiping out of History, of Culture, and of Heritage. The free-for-all chaos goes on without resistance (FOR NOW), I’m sure the NWO likes that.

THIS SHOWS YOU how Evil the NWO is, and how much they loathe American and Western European Culture, Art, and History, and let’s be frank, White Ethnicity — They want it all decimated. 

☆ We are ALL HUMANS!  That is our RACE!  YET, the NWO wish to separate us by skin colour causing among us hate and distrust and violence and, frankly, a ‘Shit-Storm’ is coming over the horizon.  That way, the focus will never be put on THEM!  THE NEFARIOUS shit that they, the NWO, are doing, the Pure Evil of it all: They are operating in the shadows, right out in the open!  Think about that for awhile!

More on this later….if I can stand it….it all makes me sick. I’m not going to go into individual statues being destroyed, vandalized, and hidden, because of them being labeled as ‘racist ‘ statues, because I already clearly mentioned that statues and other works of art cannot be racist.