Backing Up your Images – Analog and Digital – a Lesson Learned



I was very lucky, not so much with capturing this shot, but for another reason.

I was very lucky that I had a print of this image. As with all things that can be lost, they will likely get lost – prints, negatives, slides not excluded!

The original image was shot with a Nikon F5 using KONICA Centuria 800 ASA film. Since then, my negatives have disappeared! However, I did make one print of this image.

I’ve always loved this image because it “may” be the most dramatic facial expression photograph I’ve ever made of a dancer. Clearly, she is portraying someone who is very upset, in anguish, and I was there to hit the shutter button at the right time.

Because I had that single print of this capture, I have been able to scan it into digital, and will make sure to have several copies on file from here onward!

The importance of backing up your images…Lesson learned.