Update to WP Suspending one of my Art & Photography Blogs, The Photographist Artist

Here is an Update to WP Suspending one of my Art & Photography Blogs, The Photographist Artist


The Photographist Artist blog is 100% Art Photography.

Yet, WordPress decided to suspend my blog about one or more week(s) ago—WITHOUT any details why it was suspended. They just said I violated their terms.

☆ They could have just as easily given me details about why exactly they suspended my blog, but no, they did not.

I even had my access to edit any problems with my blog, removed….I could do nothing to edit or fix any problems.

☆ One major problem I noticed at this blog was that the WORDPRESS APP, all on its own, published one of my Posts, about 20 times, without me doing that — I AM GUESSING (NOT EXACTLY SURE), that it seems to be a glitch with the Publish command in the application, and some “conflict” with the theme that I am using; so therefore,unknowingly, it would repeat publishing a post on its own, and it was NOT MY FAULT! I noticed this happening before, where the WP App would try publishing a post 3 or 4 times, but I was able to STOP the App and deleted all duplicate postings — THIS TIME, HOWEVER, the App went Crazy and published a post 20 (or more) times, even though I was NOT using the App any more. It seemed to do the publishing in the background. I kept getting random drop down messages that a Post Publishing attempt FAILED, but really, it DID NOT FAIL….IT WAS SUCCESSFUL MANY, MANY, MANY, TIMES!

I attempted to delete the repeated blog post but I was locked out by WordPress.

I wrote to WordPress telling them they should Try to be More Human about communicating with publishers of blogs because then problems like this unintentional spamming of my post, could have been happily fixed.

But NO!

√ Without Warning they shut me down, and suspend my blog.

☆ We work hard as Blog Publishers, and we are supporting THEIR BUSINESS, AND them simply suspending blogs without due recourse, is ridiculous and offensive.

Nevertheless, AFTER I WROTE TO THEM, a couple days later, I discovered on my own, that I had access to my blog again.

HOWEVER, there was no note from them apologizing for any inconvenience, and they did not let me know I had access again.

So, that is how impersonal WP is.

The good thing is that I have my blog back.

End of story.