“Zeta Puppis”

Abstract Light Streaks #456, Part of the “COSMOLUMINARTOGRAPHY” PHOTOGRAPHY SERIES (2021)

Title: “Zeta Puppis”.
ALS #456.

Copyright 2021 Nawfal Johnson
All Rights Reserved.

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“ZETA PUPPIS” is part of my side project, “COSMOLUMINARTOGRAPHY“, which is a word I’m 99.9% positive that I created: For me, the name ‘COSMOLUMINARTOGRAPHY‘ means, ‘Artistically representing cosmological objects (stars), or whole galaxies, by way of Light Streaks Abstract Art Photography.’ In the particular pieces that represent stars, I have attempted to create main, or key, points of focus, which illustrate the colour (Type of Star), and actual (estimated) surface temperature of the individual star — I do that by the intensity of the main colour.

“Zeta Puppis, also called by its traditional name Naos from the Greek ναύς “ship”, or less commonly, Suhail Hadar, is one of the hottest stars in the galaxy and one of the few rare class O stars visible with binoculars in the night sky. It is the second brightest such star in terms of its apparent magnitude, with only Zeta Orionis appearing brighter. Located in the constellation of Puppis, Zeta Puppis is situated 1,093 light years away according to the 2008 data from the Hipparcos mission….Zeta Puppis is a blue supergiant star of spectral class O5IAf, making it one of the hottest stars in the galaxy with a surface temperature of 42,400 K (in comparison, the Sun has a surface temperature of 5,780 K). The star’s mass is 22.5 times that of our Sun, and 14 times its diameter.”

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