I was trying to remember what year I started my blog: This is my second oldest blog, and my recently ‘retired’ blog, , is my oldest blog — I started exhibiting my Fine Art Photography, and writing and publishing on the subjects of PHOTOGRAPHY, Art, and related information, at , in 2005. Thus, my guess, without purposefully looking it up, is that was founded in 2007. Therefore, I think this blog is about 13, or thereabouts, years old.

BY THE WAY, WORDPRESS was founded in May 2003, so I’ve been blogging (since April 2005) for ALMOST as long as WORDPRESS has been around. I’m an ‘OldTimer’!

I usually publish and exhibit my Fine Art Photography here. HOWEVER …

This year, I started an ongoing ‘Philosophical’ (sort of) series, titled “MENTAL NOTES”, and actually I have many more than 110 MENTAL NOTEs: For some odd, mental reason, I got MAJORLY STUCK at MENTAL NOTE #31! FOR SEVERAL WEEKS, I was publishing MENTAL NOTES at #31, so I had MENTAL NOTEs numbering, #31.1, 31.2 … MENTAL NOTE #31.9736482, LOL!, UNTIL I felt one of my new MENTAL NOTEs seemed like a #32.

Therefore, I have no idea of the exact number of MENTAL NOTEs published so far, but I would guess somewhere between 125 to 145 … probably.

I could have dedicated a New Blog to my MENTAL NOTES Series; however, starting a new blog is not the best way to get a lot of people to see content you want them to see. It is a slow process to gain followers at a new blog!

After retiring , I asked people to Goto my Newest Art Photography Blog, and support me over there … it was a Simple click of the button / Link, to goto my new Blog and Hit Subscribe!

It may take a total of 20 Seconds to Support me at my new Art Photography Blog … BUT I WAS A BIT DISAPPOINTED that ONLY A HANDFUL of my current subscribers took the small amount of time, and small effort, to Subscribe and Support me at my New Blog, . I think you too, would be slightly disappointed, don’t you think, if you had such low results from a simple request for help.

Therefore, that showed me that even when I asked for help from present subscribers at my old blog, to support me at my NEW Blog, ( ) , it was like pulling teeth to get people to help me out with that small request. NEVERTHELESS, I was Very-VERY Happy with the people who took the effort to show their support for me.

If you start a new blog, please let me know, because I will show my support,

… as long as your new blog is not something on the EXTREME FRINGE of subject matter … or it is a blog focusing on a philosophy that I ethically and morally cannot support — but I don’t think anyone here who presently subscribes to my blogs is into EXTREMELY fringe and majorly controversial subjects that I am vehemently against.

Therefore, starting a new blog is not easy, even if you have a reasonable following at other blogs you publish.

If you want to start a new subject series, it is basically more efficient to work it into your present blog(s), in my opinion. That is what I did with my MENTAL NOTEs SERIES — I just made it a regular subject at my established blog. You may find that useful information for your own blog, if you want to start writing on a new topic, on a regular basis.

Anyway, that’s about all I want to write about in this Blog Post Number 800, and in contemplating life in the Blogosphere, in MENTAL NOTE #110.

MENTAL NOTE #96, OH BOY! THE GLOBALISTS ARE HERE TO SAVE ALL OF US, IN OTHER WORDS, WE ARE DOOMED! Even though this M N is a little bit Dark Humour’ish, It is very important to read the entire post to see the truth within the various items of the post, Thanks!

Who the Hell EVER gave ol’Klaus, and his demonic Globalist Commie ilk, their vote, their consent, their waiver, or their agreement, to give him and the global-mafia the power to decide for humanity that there will be a complete rollout of transhumanism? Who gave them the power and authority to decide that it was good for us, that we wanted it, and that we would just bend over and take the decisions made by these scumbags? I NEVER DID! DID YOU?


Oh LOOK! The Planned-Dèmmîc was the PERFECT EXCUSE for the GLOBALISTS to roll out The New Improved Great Reset!

1 World polluted-corrupt-bloated Government!

1 World Digital Currency made, operated, managed, and profited by the GLOBALISTS, I’m thinking mainly benefiting the Rothschild bastards and associates.

Agenda 2030!

Eugenics! Democide! Hey, you can’t forget about the GLOBALISTS wanting to reduce the population of all of us undesirables.

GLOBALISTS want all of the little people to be in the same boat, and they want to control every aspect of your lives. They know that because we allow them to have such great amounts of power, they can capsize our boat at any time.

You won’t have any property, no assets, you will just have suffering. The iron fist of Communism is a good way for Globalists to run a world government. Communism was responsible for the murder of up to 162 MILLION people in the 20th Century (and continuing into the 21st Century). Yeah, these globalist communist types don’t like people with opposing views, voices, ideals, and thus, they like to eliminate these troublesome types.


Here are some estimates of deaths by communist governments during the 20th Century, the figures vary, but the results were nevertheless, the illegal killing of 10s of Millions of innocent people — that is the grand result of all communist governments in recent history! Mass Death to Gain Complete Control!

  • In 2010, Steven Rosefielde’s book Red Holocaust said that communism’s internal contradictions “caused to be killed” approximately 60 million people and perhaps tens of millions more.
  • In 2011, Matthew White published his rough total of 70 million “people who died under communist regimes from execution, labor camps, famine, ethnic cleansing, and desperate flight in leaky boats”, not counting those killed in wars.
  • In 2014, Julia Strauss wrote that, while there was the beginning of a scholarly consensus on figures of around 20 million killed in the Soviet Union and 2-3 million in Cambodia, there was no such consensus on numbers for China.
  • In 2016, the Dissident blog of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation made an effort to compile updated ranges of estimates and concluded that the overall range “spans from 42,870,000 to 161,990,000” killed, with 100 million the most commonly cited figure.
  • In 2017, Professor Stephen Kotkin wrote in The Wall Street Journal that communism killed at least 65 million people between 1917 and 2017: “Though communism has killed huge numbers of people intentionally, even more of its victims have died from starvation as a result of its cruel projects of social engineering.”

The Feudal Revival

“Feudalism is making a comeback, long after it was believed to have been deposited into the historical dustbin …. certain salient features can be seen in feudal structures across medieval Europe: a strongly hierarchical ordering of society, a web of personal obligations [and manufactured catastrophes like the Planned-Dèmmîc, and GLOBALIST -Warming] tying subordinates to superiors, the persistence of closed classes or “castes,” and a permanent serflike status for the vast majority of the population. The few dominated the many as by natural right …. Today, the benefits of economic growth in most countries are going mainly to the wealthiest segment of the population. One widely cited estimate suggests that the share of global wealth held by the top 0.1 percent of the global population increased from 7 percent in 1978 to 22 percent in 2012. A recent British parliamentary study indicates that this global trend will continue: by 2030, the top 1 percent is expected to control two-thirds of the world’s wealth.”

Kotkin, Joel. The Coming of Neo-Feudalism: a Warning to the Global Middle Class. Encounter Books, 2020.

“Wealth can buy influence with government and over the culture. Thus we see an oligarchy emerging in supposedly democratic countries, with a neo-feudal aristocracy grafted onto a powerful central state.
As in the Middle Ages, the power and privilege of this oligarchy are supported by an influential cognitive elite, or what I call the clerisy.”

Kotkin, Joel. The Coming of Neo-Feudalism: a Warning to the Global Middle Class. Encounter Books, 2020.
Look! It’s our Buddy, CommieRad Globalist-Master Schwab Dictating the Rules for The 4th Industrial Revolution — THE GREAT COMMIE RESET!
Here’s one of Master Schwab’s good little Slaves, I mean serfs, I mean Idiots , who claims they will be so HAPPY OWNING NOTHING, not even your device, or clothes, or food, or shoes, or toothbrush — you will have the great honour of RENTING EVERYTHING FROM THE OLIGARCHS! WHO WILL OWN EVERYTHING! Funny how that works in this new utopian wonderland.
GET A LOAD OF THAT SHIT! JUST LIKE IN THE MEDIEVAL TIMES where the royalty, and upper caste group, owned everything, and serfs had to rent space on the Lord’s land, pay tributes/taxes to their lords, and work for their feudal lords! NOW — The Globalist Scumbags want to Force a Basic Income on Everyone, for which You MUST USE TO RENT SHIT FROM THE OLIGARCHS WHO OWN EVERYTHING! So, if you are forced to be a ditch digger, you have to rent the shovel used for your slavery to dig holes, which benefits ONLY THE OLIOLIGARCHS who receive the benefits of the hole the serf dug, as well as the rental of the work uniform, the tools rental, the housing rental, etc, and if the slave has anything left over from their basic income after paying all the rental fees, maybe they can RENT SOME FOOD! IF, the slave exceeds their basic income in expenditures per month, then I’m sure the Olig-GLOBALISTS will come up with Loan-Shark-like loan systems to help out the little people because they care so much. * IF YOU VOTED FOR GOOD’OL-CREEPY-CRIMINAL-COMMIE-JOE-BIDEN , this is the future you voted for! He is great friends with the Schwabster ! They both believe in the same GLOBALIST Transhumanism Communist Future! In the very near future, we all become Serfs.

“The serf was bound to work in a single manor and his status as a serf was passed on to his children, who would then continue to work in that same estate, regardless of whether the land changed ownership.Serfs harvesting wheat with reaping-hooks
Serfs harvesting wheat with reaping-hooks.

Serfdom was introduced by the Roman Empire and most of the peasants in the Middle Ages were those who took over from their families who worked in Roman slavery.

In the Middle Ages, some freemen offered their freedom and labor to the lord in exchange for protection against the tides of war, diseases and poverty.

Nevertheless, serfdom was largely seen as an oppressive system that possessed characteristics of partial freedom and slavery.”

Newman, Simon, et al. “Serfs in the Middle Ages.” The Finer Times, 5 Feb. 2020,

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like any politicians, the Right/Left paradigm is just a PsyOp to make you think you have a choice. How do you know if a politician is lying? If their lips are moving!

The ONLY people who win in a Globalist – Communist future are the Oligarchs who will own EVERYTHING, and who will dictate to the masses what little they will receive, and who will decide what little freedoms, if any, the common people will be blessed with.

So, who gave the good-for-nothing parasitic oligarchs the keys to the kingdom? The ONLY reason these demonic asshats get to keep their perceived power and authority is because WE, continue to give it to them! So, Say “No! noooo …”

If we all played the 60-Minutes interviewer old-lady card on the Oligarchs, THEY WOULD BE POWERLESS! You know, Leslie Stall (or whatever ) who interviewed President Trump, regarding Criminal O’Joe Biden’s son’s laptop, with thousands of incriminating dirty-business emails, inappropriate, and allegedly paedophile photos on it (the laptop) showing Hunter O’Biden with under-aged children. But Leslie’s lap-dog duplicitous response was, “No … noooo! There’s nothing to see or question here, it is fake, never happened …. ” What a duplicitous asshat!

SO, IF WE ALL IMPLEMENTED THE “OLD-LADY REPORTER PLOY”, WE COULD TAKE OUR POWER AWAY FROM THE OLIGARCHS : When the authoritarian rulers bully you with the following, say “NO! … noooo”

Take this Vaccine! “NO … noooo!”

Give up your freedoms! “No … noooo!”

Give us your assets! “No … noooo!”

Use our 1-World Digital Currency! “No … noooo!”

Buy our cheaply made crap, made from the hands of slave labour! “No … noooo!”

You are all fired, Robots are taking your jobs! “No … noooo!”

You CAN’T GROW YOUR OWN FOOD! “No … noooo!”

You have no right to protect yourselves! “No … noooo!”

You have no right to your own opinions or make your own decisions! “No … noooo!”

You cannot read that book it is blasphemous against the authoritarian rulers! “No … noooo!”

You MUST close down your small business, but it is ok, the globalist owned big-box stores are all open! Globalist-owned stores are immune to ConVid! “NO … noooo!”

You MUST agree to be chipped so we can track, trace, database your every movement and who you associate with. “NO … noooo!”

You will be Fined thousands of dollars if you DON’T wear that mask that is SO POROUS that it could NEVER STOP the miniscule viruses from going in and out of it! “NO … noooo!”

You MUST CANCEL ALL RELIGIOUS GATHERINGS because religion causes ConVid Syndrome! BUT RIOTING, that’s ok because the heat from all the fires caused by domestic terrorists burning down cities, will kill all ConVid viruses! “NO … noooo!”

Thanksgiving Causes CONVID1984! No Holidays EVER AGAIN! “NO … noooo!”

You must NEVER have visitors over to your house to socialize any more, but RIOTING is ok as a social activity, so maybe visit with your neighbors, friends, and family as you riot and burn private property to the ground! “NO … noooo!”

Going to school causes the spread of ConVid1984, so you must NOT go to school, but RIOTING is ok, so please hold class while partaking in riots because mass close quarters RIOTING does NOT cause ConVid1984 to spread! “NO … noooo!”

Willingly become test subjects for ConVid1984 vaccines, because NOTHING WRONG EVER HAPPENS when you inject dangerous ConVid-infected vaccines into yourself! “NO … noooo!”

You cannot go to the beach alone because the fish will give you CONVID1984! “NO … noooo!”

The Wilderness is infested with CONVID1984 Critters, so you are not allowed to be in nature! “NO … noooo!”

“I am 100% CONVID1984 Compliant! Face Mask, Check √ Bloody Rioting Axe, √, Check!” Jason….”NO … noooo!”

You CANNOT go to Camp Crystal Lake because Jason will give you CONVID1984 … that is … he’s likely to infect you even though he wears his hockey MASK religiously. His particular mutation of ConVid is even more dangerous than the normal one, but he’s also more likely to kill you with his machete before the CONVID1984 gets you! “NO … noooo!”

Just say “No … noooo!” To the GLOBALIST OLIGARCHS! Look what can be Accomplished by the MANY when standing together against tyrannical government stooges!



MENTAL NOTE #89: In Honour of the Legend, Master Guitarist, EDDIE VAN HALEN, who died on 6 Oct 2020.

VAN HALEN, the band founded in 1972, exploded onto the hard rock scene with their debut, self-titled album, VAN HALEN in 1978. I credit VAN HALEN (and so do most critics) for being the driving force in changing the sound waves, to a more Heavy Rock style of music, especially with Eddie Van Halen’s virtuoso guitar playing, and pioneering new playing techniques (taking tapping to new levels) and experimenting with unusual sounds, that inspired so many guitar players.

Edward Lodewijk Van Halen (Dutch: [ˈɛdʋart ˈloːdəˌʋɛi̯k fɑn ˈɦaːlə(n)], /væn ˈheɪlɛn/van HAY-len; January 26, 1955 – October 6, 2020) was an American musician, songwriter, producer, and inventor. He was the main songwriter and lead guitarist of the American rock band Van Halen, which he co-founded in 1972 with his brother, drummer Alex Van Halen, bassist Mark Stone, and singer David Lee Roth. He was well known for popularizing the tapping guitar solo technique, allowing rapid arpeggios to be played with two hands on the fretboard. (

Of all the VAN HALEN songs, my favourite isn’t a VAN HALEN song … It is an Eddie Van Halen composition called, RESPECT THE WIND, and is featured in the 1986 movie, TWISTER. Eddie Van Halen, you are a Legend!

Charles Michael “Chuck” Schuldiner (May 13, 1967 – December 13, 2001)

A little more than a decade after VAN HALEN (1972) had emerged, a much heavier style of music, Death Metal, was busting loose in America … many crediting Chuck Schuldiner, founder of the band, DEATH, as the Grandfather (GodFather) of American death metal, but it is debated (important influences on the genre’s creation included Possessed, Death, Necrophagia, Obituary, Autopsy, and Morbid Angel).

Chuck was very humble and never cared for the honorific, as he just wanted to make good music. DEATH was founded in 1983 by the late guitarist and vocalist Chuck Schuldiner, who died of brain cancer (and complications thereof), at the very young age of 34.

My favorite song of Chuck’s, is actually an acoustic/electric composition, which is beautiful, titled VOICE OF THE SOUL.



“We are the nothing grating against the norm
We are the something that will not conform
No one understands what we’ve been given

We are the useless by-products of soulless meat
We are all gone we all sing the same tragedy

Open wide and EAT THE WORMS of the enemy
We are the enemies of reality, in a world that’s unforgiving

Waiting to sanitize bastard tongues
To purify the ignorance that hides the sun
The less you understand the more you’re driven

Packaged and processed the masses are force fed
The standards they judge us on swallow the rot we shed

Open wide and EAT THE WORMS of the enemy
We are the enemies of reality, in a world that’s unforgiving

Breathing dust and decay while I’m sipping
Human trust and betrayal
Losing faith once again
Take my hand my friend, my foe, I am enemy

Open wide and EAT THE WORMS of the enemy
We are the enemies of reality, in a world that’s unforgiving
Open wide, EAT THEIR WORDS, become what you most fear.”

MENTAL NOTE #60, “ENEMIES OF REALITY”, by My ALL-TIME FAVOURITE BAND, NEVERMORE. What is Reality, REALLY? It appears it is whatever Big Brother tells you it is.”

“Waiting to sanitize bastard tongues
To purify the ignorance that hides the sun
The less you understand the more you’re driven.” Warrel Dane could not have been closer to the truth in this section of the song!

What the Minitrue records it to be, is the truth, and “Bastard Tongues” will be deleted from existence—Sanitized. Those who go along with the narrative (the ignorant, and the willful ignorant, and the perpetrators of the false-truths, are driven and rewarded). “Newspeak is INGSOC, and INGSOC is Newspeak.”

What is “NEWSPEAK”?

Newspeak is the fictional language of Oceania, a totalitarian superstate that is the setting of George Orwell’s dystopian 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. To meet the ideological requirements of English Socialism (Ingsoc) in Oceania, the ruling Party created Newspeak, a controlled language of simplified grammar and restricted vocabulary, meant to limit the freedom of thought—personal identity, self-expression, free will—that threatens the ideology of the régime of Big Brother and the Party, who have criminalised such concepts into thoughtcrime as contradictions of Ingsoc orthodoxy.

R.I.P. WARREL DANE, the late singer / Frontman of NEVERMORE. Warrel Dane (born Warrel George Baker; March 7, 1961 – December 13, 2017), was the Singer and Song Writer of Sanctuary, NEVERMORE, and, his Solo Project.

Jeff Loomis is on my BEST/FAVOURITE Metal Guitarists, Blog Post. The link for that post is below.



☆ This is a great song, for content, composition, and musicianship! This is a song that shows Jesse Cash’s incredible song composition and guitar playing genius, I think. This is a good reason why Cash made it on my “Best Metal Guitarists” List. And this dude can sing (the Clean parts) like a demon.




Brandon Ellis is actually on my list of one of the 13 Best Contemporary Technical Metal Guitarists (Post).

☆ You can see that post at this link!

MENTAL NOTE #22, You Never Quite Know the Incredibly Deranged Lunatics You May have gone to School with!

Yeah….So….Here we Go, Read on for some Extreme Weirdness, this is a REALLY MENTAL, Note!

MENTAL NOTE #22, You Never Quite Know the Incredibly Deranged Lunatics You May have gone to School with!

● Yesterday, I saw this information online at a movie website:

Movie Title: “The Frozen Ground” (2013)

Storyline: An Alaska State Trooper partners with a young woman who escaped the clutches of serial killer Robert Hansen to bring the murderer to justice. Based on actual events…

√ Well, my Father went to High School with this LUNATIC, Robert Hansen!

They called Hansen, “The Baker Butcher”: his parents had a bakery in Iowa where he helped while he was still in school; but later, he had a bakery business of his own in Alaska.

Robert Christian Hansen was born in 1939 in Estherville, Iowa, to Edna and Christian Hansen. Hansen’s childhood was a miserable one. Christian Hansen, a baker by trade, was a cruel and short-tempered man who showed his son little affection or fatherly guidance during his early years. Still, Hansen idolised his father, planning to follow in his footsteps and one day become a baker.

(Source: )

Between 1971 and 1983, Hansen abducted, raped, and murdered at least 17 women in and around Anchorage, Alaska; he hunted many of them down in the wilderness with a Ruger Mini-14 and a knife. He was arrested and convicted in 1983, and was sentenced to 461 years and a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

(Source: )

There were many other possible victims (missing women), who’s bodies were never recovered, but who fit perfectly with Hansen’s victim type.

● My Dad said that Hansen was very awkward, not likeable at all, horrible with the girls in High School, but OK at sports. He also said the movie, “The Frozen Ground”, is actually closer on some points about Hansen, than some of the books written about him. However, movies also use creative flare to grab attention and exaggerate, downplay, or just ignore, or get certain facts wrong, all crammed together in a 2-hours long film biography. In this case, they did a fairly decent job, as I was told.

√ OK, if that isn’t Weird enough, my Mom went to Junior High and High School with the MOST Notorious Mass (Spree) Killer in Nebraska History, Charlie Starkweather!


“Charles Starkweather, Nebraska’s most infamous son and one of America’s most shocking serial [he was actually a ‘Spree Killer’] killers, terrorized the Great Plains in the winter of 1957–58 when he embarked on a brutal murder rampage with his fourteen-year- old girlfriend, Caril Ann Fugate. Put to death for his crimes, Starkweather, whose case received unprecedented national media coverage, shocked America out of its 1950s maltshop innocence and foreshadowed the modern spree killer, whose victims are chosen largely at random to satisfy some deep-rooted hatred of humanity and to settle some secret grudge against society.

Charles was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, on November 24, 1938, the third of seven children of Guy and Helen Starkweather. Guy worked as a carpenter-handyman, Helen as a waitress. By all accounts they were good, decent, loving parents. Starkweather is said to have experienced an ordinary, normal childhood until he began his schooling. From prison, he reflected that his hatred for society was spawned on the kindergarten playground when on his first day of school his fellow classmates mocked his speech impediment and bowlegs, making him feel isolated and different. Starkweather wrote that on that fateful day his heart turned “black with hate and rage,” and he vowed revenge.”

(Source: )

[Charlie, accompanied by his 14-year old Girlfriend, Caril Ann Fugate,] “murdered eleven people in Nebraska and Wyoming between December 1957 and January 1958, when he was just 19 years old. He killed ten of his victims between January 21 and January 29, 1958, the date of his arrest.

(Source: )

● Three of his first four victims were Caril’s mother, stepfather, and Fugate’s 2-year-old half-sister, Betty Jean.

Starkweather’s murder spree began on December 1, 1957, when he robbed a Lincoln gas station, kidnapped the attendant, Robert Colvert, and shot him to death on a lonely rural road. The murder gave Starkweather a feeling of power; he had operated outside of the law and gotten away with it. Violence erupted once again on January 21, 1958, when Starkweather fought with Velda Bartlett (Caril Ann’s mother) over the teenagers’ relationship. In a rage, he savagely beat, stabbed, and shot her to death, along with Caril Ann’s stepfather and baby sister.

Starkweather and Fugate were charged with first-degree murder, convicted, and sentenced, Fugate to life in prison, Charles Starkweather to death. He was executed in Nebraska’s electric chair on June 25, 1959. Caril Ann Fugate was paroled on June 20, 1976, after seventeen years of imprisonment. She continues to proclaim her innocence, denying complicity in the killings.

(Source: )

● My Mom knew Charlie in school, and was very good friends with his sister. She told me that if there was ever a fight in school, you’d see Flaming Red-haired, Bow-legged, crazy Charlie, in the middle of it — always trying to prove something with violence.

So…like I said at the beginning of this, you never can quite tell what lunatics you went to school with, but Robert Hansen and Charlie Starkweather sure showed enough antisocial and violent tendencies early in life to make them suspect, regarding their future violent and mentally-twisted trends in their lives.

I have NOT Exhibited any of My Art Photography on my Blogs in a Longtime!


I haven’t felt like it……

But Why?

I’ve been creating and designing MANY NEW WORKS! I just haven’t put them here, or at my other main blog,

Pressure me much!

You going to show anything today?

OK, let’s reach into the Crypt and see what shows itself….

TITLE: “667 – The Neighbour of the BEAST”

YEAR: 2017.

SERIES: Fire Portraits.

● Yeah, so, sometimes I have conversations with myself! What of it?



The NIGHTMARE of White Skull Sunglasses Fine Art Photography

The NIGHTMARE of White Skull Sunglasses

Creation Date: 17 November 2019.


Smoke-Art Photography
Copyright 2019 Nawfal Johnson
All Rights Reserved.
Artist’s Note:
At near center, there is a White Skull, wearing White Sunglasses, and he is surrounded by his nightmares. This art photograph is completely designed with my Smoke-Art Photography.

☆ You can buy Fine Art Photography Prints and Gallery Canvas of this Artwork at my Sales Gallery at Imagekind:

#abstract, #DÉCOR, #ETHEREAL, #fineart, #irregular, #NawfalJohnsonNur, #NEBRASKA, #Smoke, #ETHEREAL, #cloudy, #dreams, #expressionism”, #Hope, #Interiors”, #Johnson, #modernism, #photography, #shapes, #chaos, #order, #Rorschach, #nightmares, #skull,

Recovering from Thumb Surgery, So a Bit Slow Typing and Posting, But Here’s My Favorite PHOTO Quote, and One I Live By…

If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff. – Jim Richardson

☆ Thank you Mr. Richardson — My Favorite PHOTO Quote………EVER!


  • “Pick up your camera, and move your lazy ass in front of better, more interesting stuff!”
  • “Hey Camera Dude!….Yeah You!….Can you PLEASE move yourself in front of something else…..that subject sucks ARSE! SERIOUSLY!”
  • “Grok has feet….feet are GOOOOOOOOOD!…….Grok move feet…….Grok get better view of subject…….AH FEET ARE GOOOOOOOD…….? GROK’S FEET DAMN GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!”
  • “Good fμ©£’en GRIEF! Why do I keep standing in front of such horrific, godless, boring subjects?!?….HEY, HERE’S AN IDEA! Find BETTER SUBJECTS to stand in front of!”
  • “Ask yourself, Mr. Photographer, “Has that subject been photographed 1,000,000 times already?” And if your answer is ‘Yes’, then find a BETTER SUBJECT……..PLEASE!”

Here’s one of my FAVORITE DEATH METAL BANDS — VITRIOL — and they are the most BRUTAL BADASS 3-PIECE BAND — They are like RUSH! ONLY, that is, IF RUSH was Technical Death Metal!

☆ You Can Buy My Fine Art Photography Prints and Gallery Canvas Artworks at Imagekind!