TWISTED SUFFOCATION — Rorschach Art Photography, by Nawfal Johnson



Here are the first two verses of this song: These words hit me kind of hard, as I recently lost someone close to me.

“Unseen”: ~”One foot in the grave and one hand in the sky
Heaven comes with a price
If all I know is Hell
How will I ever find paradise?
Rabid are the wolves within
That hunt with a vengeful sickness
When the innocent lose their innocence
How can they find forgiveness? ~ It took everything
To find a shred of hope in only shadows of me
So am I guilty for trying to put my mind at ease?
This pain is unseen.” ~




Creation Date: 8 April 2021
Copyright 2021 Nawfal Johnson.
All Rights Reserved.

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MIRRORED ABSTRACT PHOTOGRAPHY” (aka “RORSCHACH ABSTRACT PHOTOGRAPHY”) Series Years: 2007 to Present (On-Going). These pieces are colour and Black & White, abstract images that are designed with a mirrored effect, also known as Rorschach Art. Sometimes the mirrored image is an exact opposite-duplicate for both sides. However, in some cases, one half is ALMOST a mirrored duplicate, but with a few compositional differences. Some pieces are urban, others rural…some have a mechanical or structural-chaotic focus. At times, the formations you can see in the artworks may appear ominous, even scary, or evil. Nevertheless, the viewer of my portfolio can decide for themselves what they see in these MIRRORED ABSTRACT PHOTOGRAPHY images.

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Creation Date: 28 January 2021.
Fire Portraits” Series.
Series Years: 2016 – 2021 (On-Going).
Influence: “To Reign in Hell” novel by Steven Brust.
Art Photographs: Photography of fire shaped into Portrait-like imagery, of the characters, angels, in “To Reign in Hell”, written by Steven Brust.

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Note 1: After doing the first art photo, I said to myself, “I’m seeing some faces from Brust’s novel in this image, and I need to investigate, and work this out further to see what develops.”

Note 2: One very interesting aspect of Brust’s story is that all of the angels were essentially good until a conflict and deception arose among the angels. On top of that, the three “evil” angels in the story ( evil according to many ‘modernised’ views…modern being several thousand years for Satan/Lucifer/Devil, and hundreds for Mephisto ) — Satan and Lucifer are the same entity, and Mephistopheles is the name invented for the historical Johann Georg Faust (c. 1480–c. 1540), and in demonology, Mephistopheles was “one of the seven chief devils and the tempter of Faust”. Nevertheless, in Brust’s story, Satan and Lucifer are “First-Borns”, and Mephistopheles is an archangel, not of the devils or demons, but he is Fallen.

Note 3: My Brust angels are a contradiction because they are made of fire. Angels, “fallen” or not, made of fire, I think is a contradiction.

Note 4: Sammael is a fallen archangel, and the Lord of Destruction. Some think this was Lucifer’s original name. The Jews think he is the archangel of the AMALEKITES (Gentiles) — Fine. Bring IT!


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Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all Tea and Strippers in the Tropics. You have VERY HOT & HUMID weather most of the year; and then, you have about three months of cloudy and rainy Monsoon Season Storms.

But I do feel a bit sorry for all my fellow Nebraskans who got about 17 or 18 inches of snow the other day — It’s gotta suck to be there right now.



Many of you, my long-time readers, know that my wife and I, rescue endangered mother and baby cats off the streets. We also rescue injured male cats, and get them healthy…and happy, we hope.

For some, through illness, age, or injury, they unfortunately die. There is NOTHING that we, or any veterinarian can do to save them. For these cats, it is just a matter of time.

I have experienced the process of death with probably dozens of cats, who we have rescued, but due to injury, age, or critical illness, nothing can be done for them….It is a matter of time, and much suffering is endured as the death process takes control.

The most terrifying thing for our cats who are dying, is when they finally realize they are going to die.

There is a tremendous terror I see in their eyes as their brightness, turns to fear and despair. They can do nothing, as they struggle for that next breath. There is nothing I can do, except be there with them, as they breath that last painful intake of oxygen. All I can do is to attempt to let them know they are not alone.

I can only imagine how terrified they must feel, but cannot do anything to stop death, to cheat death is impossible.

Nevertheless, each time I go through a cat’s struggles with death, it is just as painful for me each time, and more so, with cats I have known for many years.

I have a cat, Batman, she seems to be dying … I’ve seen the signs, I see the death-terror now in her eyes.

We can give medications, and we have, and hope she recovers, but it may be too late already.

I never quite get used to this death struggle, and maybe you are not supposed to. Maybe this cycle of experiencing death, is preparing me for that terror I will probably feel, when I realize I’m going to die. I wonder, how can anyone really be prepared for their own death: I don’t think so.

All I know is that it breaks my heart to stare into the eyes of my cats, when they understand they will no longer exist soon.

MENTAL NOTE #122, HOW SAFE DO YOU THINK YOUR BLOG IS ON WORDPRESS, FROM FASCIST CENSORSHIP OR COMPLETE CANCELLATION? Please Answer my Blog Poll, and Let Your Readers know about my Poll, I think We ALL need to Be Somewhat Concerned About Our 1st Amendment Rights at this Point in History (or Whatever Guarantees You may have for Free Speech in Your Country)

I’ve Never embedded a Poll before or used CrowdSignal, so, I hope this Works.


MENTAL NOTE #117: Yes — There are some simple tasks that EVERYONE, ALMOST, can do without even thinking about them; tasks you can do without working up a massive sweat, without experiencing massive pain, and without feeling massive discomfort and annoyance.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about ‘Owning‘ the horrible arthritic disease, ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS, like I DO! I’ve had this damned painful disease for at least 39 Years! Imagine EVERYDAY PAIN! Yeah, that is what Ownership of Ankylosing Spondylitis is all about.

“Everything you do as an AS’er is typically affected by AS.”

ME, I said that!

I was painfully and annoyingly reminded of this fact today, as I struggled for at least FIVE MINUTES to get my socks on! Yes, SOCKS! The BANE of AS’ers WORLDWIDE! IF you own AS, you should know what I mean, right!

Because the AS’er’s spine is stiff and painful, most of the time; or, like me, having suffered a fractured spine (in two places), DUE TO COMPLICATIONS WITH AS + A TRAUMA, causing a need to go through a HORRENDOUS 10-hours long Spinal Fusion Surgery to keep my spinal cord from being ripped apart as my lumbar spine moved in two different directions, eventually making it so I could no longer walk — MY POINT IS THAT EVEN LESS THAN CRITICAL ACCIDENTS TO MOST PEOPLE, CAN CAUSE DISASTROUS INJURIES FOR AS’ERS.

Yeah, so, that’s only one FUN example of what some of us AS’ers have experienced in THEIR (OUR) OWNERSHIP of AS.

Therefore, the simple act of bending over to put one’s own socks on to dress, is an EXHAUSTING EXPERIENCE to say the least.

Sometimes, after I get my socks on, I feel so drained, I say to myself, “‘Fuuck’it!’ I’m too exhausted to go anywhere.” Nevertheless, it was such an effort to just get my socks on (properly no less, LOL), that it would be a waste NOT to go out. “I’ll teach them ‘Fuuck’en’ socks who they are dealing with!”


Anyway, EVIL SOCKS, the Bane of AS’ers throughout the Galaxy and BEYOND!

I was just thinking about the mysteries of the galaxy today, and the Struggles of Daily Life that many (if not all) AS’ers face. Simple tasks like putting on socks, are indeed, a ‘Pain in the AS(S)’, for AS’ers!



I was trying to remember what year I started my blog: This is my second oldest blog, and my recently ‘retired’ blog, , is my oldest blog — I started exhibiting my Fine Art Photography, and writing and publishing on the subjects of PHOTOGRAPHY, Art, and related information, at , in 2005. Thus, my guess, without purposefully looking it up, is that was founded in 2007. Therefore, I think this blog is about 13, or thereabouts, years old.

BY THE WAY, WORDPRESS was founded in May 2003, so I’ve been blogging (since April 2005) for ALMOST as long as WORDPRESS has been around. I’m an ‘OldTimer’!

I usually publish and exhibit my Fine Art Photography here. HOWEVER …

This year, I started an ongoing ‘Philosophical’ (sort of) series, titled “MENTAL NOTES”, and actually I have many more than 110 MENTAL NOTEs: For some odd, mental reason, I got MAJORLY STUCK at MENTAL NOTE #31! FOR SEVERAL WEEKS, I was publishing MENTAL NOTES at #31, so I had MENTAL NOTEs numbering, #31.1, 31.2 … MENTAL NOTE #31.9736482, LOL!, UNTIL I felt one of my new MENTAL NOTEs seemed like a #32.

Therefore, I have no idea of the exact number of MENTAL NOTEs published so far, but I would guess somewhere between 125 to 145 … probably.

I could have dedicated a New Blog to my MENTAL NOTES Series; however, starting a new blog is not the best way to get a lot of people to see content you want them to see. It is a slow process to gain followers at a new blog!

After retiring , I asked people to Goto my Newest Art Photography Blog, and support me over there … it was a Simple click of the button / Link, to goto my new Blog and Hit Subscribe!

It may take a total of 20 Seconds to Support me at my new Art Photography Blog … BUT I WAS A BIT DISAPPOINTED that ONLY A HANDFUL of my current subscribers took the small amount of time, and small effort, to Subscribe and Support me at my New Blog, . I think you too, would be slightly disappointed, don’t you think, if you had such low results from a simple request for help.

Therefore, that showed me that even when I asked for help from present subscribers at my old blog, to support me at my NEW Blog, ( ) , it was like pulling teeth to get people to help me out with that small request. NEVERTHELESS, I was Very-VERY Happy with the people who took the effort to show their support for me.

If you start a new blog, please let me know, because I will show my support,

… as long as your new blog is not something on the EXTREME FRINGE of subject matter … or it is a blog focusing on a philosophy that I ethically and morally cannot support — but I don’t think anyone here who presently subscribes to my blogs is into EXTREMELY fringe and majorly controversial subjects that I am vehemently against.

Therefore, starting a new blog is not easy, even if you have a reasonable following at other blogs you publish.

If you want to start a new subject series, it is basically more efficient to work it into your present blog(s), in my opinion. That is what I did with my MENTAL NOTEs SERIES — I just made it a regular subject at my established blog. You may find that useful information for your own blog, if you want to start writing on a new topic, on a regular basis.

Anyway, that’s about all I want to write about in this Blog Post Number 800, and in contemplating life in the Blogosphere, in MENTAL NOTE #110.



As I mentioned in MENTAL NOTE #107-A, I have had a very bad experience with one (presently one that I am aware of) online Print-on-Demand company.

A Print-on-Demand (POD) business is essentially a printing company who partners with photographers, artists, and graphic designers, using these creatives’ art creations (Intellectual Property), as the design/artwork to print various types of products, such as framed prints, canvas prints, postcards, t-shirts, bags, etc.

Of course, creatives must agree to Terms of Service before becoming a member of these POD businesses. Typically, the Creative supplies the intellectual property, TRUSTING that the POD business will NOT cheat, misuse, or steal the intellectual property: That is one of the main risks the Creative takes when becoming a “Partner” / Member, of these POD businesses. The other major risk for the Creative, is the risk of NOT getting paid for the use of their intellectual property. THEREFORE, the Creative MUST DECIDE if they can risk having their intellectual property misused or stollen; and the other main risk is, can the Creative risk being possibly cheated out of commissions / royalties by the POD, for the use of their intellectual property.

In my case …

In May of this year, my intellectual property was used by a POD online business that I am a member of, BUT SO FAR, I have NOT been compensated for the use of my intellectual property. I was not paid my expected commissions when they were due! The POD business has specific payment terms that they have the responsibility to follow, but in my case, those terms were not followed by the POD business.

I will not name names, even though I have been taken advantage of in this case. I am still in the process of attempting to get my payment from the POD company: I am very persistent, and I have hope still of the POD company abiding by their own terms of service — the chances may be small, but still, I haven’t given up!

Therefore, in my opinion, there are two Major Risks of dealing with POD businesses online:

  • Trusting someone you don’t even really know, who is probably from another country, to use your intellectual property ethically.
  • Trusting the POD business to follow-thru and abide by their own Terms of Service, and Terms of Payment to the Creative.

IF, for some reason, your Intellectual Property is used to make and sell products with, and you DO NOT receive your rightfully earned commissions / royalties, then you have been cheated.

A worse case is if the POD business uses your intellectual property to make and sell products, and then, the POD business DOES NOT report that you have earned commissions: In my book, if this fail-to-report artist earnings has happened, that is theft.

In the past, it is very possible that I have had my work used without my knowledge. I know that on several occassions, people have used my photographs illegally, without my knowledge, and without compensation, for online advertising. It is quite the shock to see your artwork used without your permission, and other people are earning money from the use of your artwork, but you did not.

Before you ever decide to let any online POD business (any online business) use your intellectual property, you MUST research the company(ies)!

All you need to do in Google, is put the search term, “Complaints against XYZ company”, or, “Is XYZ company a scam?”, or any similar search terms to research an online business, to see if there are major complaints with a business. You really need to do this before agreeing to be a member of an online business.

You can also go to artist forums, and there, ask other Artists/Creatives, if they have any experience using various POD online businesses. This may be your most valuable research — ask people who have firsthand experience with these companies.

Pay Special Attention to these items:

  • How secure is the website?
  • Reputation of the business (Do Your Research!)
  • Any major complaints from members or customers of the business?
  • Quality of the Products (HIGH, or Average, or Crappy)?
  • Quality of the Packaging and Shipping of Products? (Find out from your Research!)
  • Location of the physical business? (Do you want to deal with businesses located in the EU, for example, or located in some country full of problems?)
  • Number of Visits to the website each month (Traffic Matters!)
  • How long they have been in business?
  • Reasonable Terms of Service?
  • Reasonable Compensation to Creatives?
  • Reasonable Payment Terms to Creatives?
  • Any Commission Payment Complaints with the business?
  • Reasonable and Safe Storage of your art files?
  • Various Membership Levels? Do you get any really special features, or search placement, if you are a paid member?
  • Do creatives actually make sales on a regular or semi-regular basis?
  • Does the business favour certain artists but ignore the majority? (It happens!)
  • Is it easy to delete your account and remove your intellectual property from their website servers?
  • And, this list could go on…

Consider the answers you discovered to these questions, and ask yourself, “Can I deal with these considerations?” “Is there an opportunity for me to make money by joining this online business?” “Do the potential benefits outweigh the possible risks?”


My battle continues with this one POD company: I did my research on them, and the answers I got were good! I had good luck with using this business in the past! However, things can change: The CONVID1984 Scam has destroyed 30% (probably more) of the small, mom & pop businesses (or so I read recently in a news report)!(1)

That on its own, is criminal of the Globalist Mutants to purposefully put small businesses out of business (using a pandemic scam as an excuse to SHUTDOWN small businesses); meanwhile, the big-box stores remain open AND EARN BILLIONS and BILLIONS in additional sales(2), even though they are packed with dirty-dirty disease-ridden people (because now people are all spreaders of Convid V i r u s, right!) Remember, however, if you visit small businesses you are doomed! In contrast, if you go to the big-box super stores, you are totally safe—globalist-owned mega-stores are 100% immune from CONVID1984 INFLUENZA, THAT’S SCIENCE! Honest!

PERHAPS, the POD online business I am having problems with right now, may be suffering from totalitarian measures aimed at destroying small businesses? I would not know if that is true or not. Nevertheless, even if that were the case, it would NOT excuse some of the issues I am having with this company and how I have been unfairly treated. THEY MUST STILL FOLLOW THEIR AGREEMENTS AND TERMS OF SERVICE!

That’s about all I want to say on this issue: I hope my suggestions and warnings are beneficial for you.

1 “More than half of small businesses in both states were forced to shut their doors in the spring at the height of the pandemic, with both hitting highs in mid-April — 52.5 percent of New York businesses and 53.9 percent in the Garden States, the stats show. It’s devastating how many restaurants have shuttered and jobs have been lost,” said Andrew Rigie, executive director of NYC Hospitality Alliances, which represents bars, restaurants, and clubs in the Big Apple. “And with the infection rate rising and the looming threat of indoor dining closing again, many more will close unless the government provides adequate support to these small businesses,” Rigie said. Meanwhile, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said Sunday that a new lockdown is “on the table” again, which could spell more bad news for business owners. And New Jersey isn’t the only state suffering — the national average is 29.8 percent, The Hill reported.”

2 A tale of two pandemics: Big-box stores rake in record profits while small businesses fold

As consumers shift to bulk-buying and one-stop shopping, the pandemic is driving a wedge between the haves and have-nots across the retail industry. Aug. 21, 2020, 2:24 AM +08 / Updated Aug. 21, 2020, 6:19 AM By Leticia Miranda. “While Wall Street rewards big-box stores for their monster sales volumes during the pandemic — propelling retail stocks such as Target to a record high this week — thousands of the country’s small businesses are still hanging on by a thread. The widening gap between retail giants and smaller, locally run stores is underscoring the pandemic’s effect of driving a wedge between the haves and have-nots across the industry, as consumers shift to bulk-buying and one-stop shops. “We’re sharing second quarter results that are, by virtually any measure, exceptional,” Target CEO Brian Cornell told investors on Wednesday. “The incredible resilience of our team, the way they’ve risen first to the pandemic, then to social trauma touched off in May here in Minneapolis is unlike anything I’ve seen or am likely to see again in my career.” Target’s online sales soared by 24 percent during the quarter ending Aug. 1, compared to the same time last year. The company also grabbed $5 billion in additional market share in the first half of the year, Cornell said. Walmart saw a 97 percent increase in online sales during the quarter compared to the same time last year, and online sales at Lowe’s jumped by 153 percent. Home Depot reported a 23 percent surge in sales, fueled by people looking to improve their space while stuck at home. With coronavirus cases continuing to rise in parts of the country, people aren’t venturing out to shop as much as they did before, causing a blow to mall retailers and small businesses that were not categorized as essential services during the first days of the virus.”



“Fooling the masses is a trick as old as mankind itself.
From pharaos to ayatollas, from Andropovs to Trudeaus to ‘councils on foreign relations’ to the U.N.O.-across the continents and through the ages-rulers, politicians and ‘leaders’ (as we call them today) often indulge in the art of, to put it mildly, MISLEADING the people… But always to their own advantage though! For more POWER, more CONTROL of the society’s WEALTH. And often, ultimately, for CONQUEST of other nations.
Chinese military strategist Sun-Tzu (500 B.C.) and Italian political strategist Machiavelli have described the process of establishing CONTROL over ‘masses’ -in colorful details, for forgetful mankind…
Today, the Soviet KGB has mastered this ancient art to stunning perfection! They call it ‘Active Measures’, meaning IDEOLOGICAL SUBVERSION.”

Schuman, Tomas. World Thought Police. NATA, 1986.

Tomas Schuman aka Yuri Bezmenov. Former KGB. Notice how Bezmenov mentions “Trudeaus”, plural, meaning the whole Trudeau clan being Communist Globalist Puppets, and look how the current Canadian Clown in Charge is such a Totalitarian Globalist Sycophant. Yeah, Bezmenov knows exactly what is going on in GeoPolitics and the Commie-Push through the One World GLOBALISTS’ Order. Remember, he wrote this book in 1986: therefore, this New World Order, Globalist Plan has been in the works for many, many decades. As(s) Trudeau recently said on video, the CONVID1984 Planned-Dèmmîc is PERFECT (orchestrated) disaster to kick THE GREAT RESET into overdrive! (Paraphrased).


If you are ridiculous enough, and gullible enough, to believe a single lying word that comes out of these Globalists’ mouths, about how they are doing all their great and nobel work for humanity, or for the children, HAHAHA! Then, I have some swamp land located in the Mojave Desert, that I want to sell to you!



“William Bryan, science and technology advisor to the Department of Homeland Security secretary, told reporters at the White House that government scientists had found ultraviolet rays had a potential impact on the pathogen, offering hope that its spread may ease over the summer . . .
It showed that the virus’s half-life—the time taken for it to reduce to half its amount—was [eighteen] hours when the temperature was 70–75 degrees Fahrenheit (21–24 degrees Celsius) with 20 percent humidity on a non-porous surface . . .
But the half-life dropped to six hours when the humidity rose to 80 percent—and to just two minutes when sunlight was added to the equation.
Sunlight under the right conditions can destroy the virus in two minutes. One assumes that a colder temperature, but with sunlight, would take just a little while longer, while a higher temperature would make the process go even faster. Why are we being advised to stay in our houses when the best thing we could do to eradicate the virus would be to go out into the sunlight for a few minutes?”

Source: Mikovits, Judy, and Kent Heckenlively. The Case against Masks: Ten Reasons Why Mask Use Should Be Limited. Skyhorse Publishing, 2020.

Dr. Mikovits qualifications — DR JUDY MIKOVITS: She got her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology in 1991. Her PhD changed the paradigm of the way we treat HIV AIDS in the United States. She worked with that weasel, Dr. Fauci , in a lab where they discovered many important scientific details about the C o v i d virus.

Dr. Mikovits worked in a lab for 20 years as a virologist working on viruses similar to CONVID1984, and here is what she says about this v I r u s we currently face: I have copy and pasted most of the interview because of how important the interview is, and the exceptional job of the interviewer. The source is given below, and this interview is cited for its newsworthiness and for educational purposes.


“Judy Mikovits is Among Her Generation’s Most Accomplished Scientists.” —Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman
Children’s Health Defense

Dr. Mikovits joined NIH in 1980 as a Postdoctoral Scholar in Molecular Virology at the National Cancer Institute and began a 20-year collaboration with Frank Ruscetti, a pioneer in the field of human retro virology. She helped Dr Russetti isolate the HIV virus and link it to #AIDS in 1983. Her NIH boss Anthony Fauci delayed publication of that critical paper for 6 months to let his protégé Robert Gallo replicate, publish and claim credit. The delay in mass HIV testing let AIDS further spread around the globe and helped Fauci win promotion to director NIAID.

In 2006, Dr Mikovits became director of Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease and collaborated with Dr Ruscetti searching for the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which suddenly became epidemic in the 1980s. The male dominated medical community dismissed CFS as psychosomatic “yuppie flu” caused when fragile females cracked in corporate jobs.

Dr. Mikovits discovered that 67% of affected women carried a virus—called Xenotropic Murine Leukemia related Virus—that appeared in healthy women only 4% of the time.

XMRV is also associated with prostate, breast, ovarian cancers, leukemia, and multiple myeloma. Many women with XMRV bore children with autism.

In 2009, Drs. Mikovits and Ruscetti published their explosive findings in the journal Science. But the question remained: how was XMRV getting into people?

Other researchers linked the first CFS outbreak to a polio vaccine given to doctors and nurses that resulted in the “1934 Los Angeles County Hospital Epidemic.” That vaccine was cultivated on pulverized mouse brains. Retroviruses from dead animals can survive in cell lines and permanently contaminate vaccines.

Dr Mikovits’ studies suggested that the XMRV Virus was present in the MMR, Polio and Encephalitis vaccines given to American children and soldiers. XMRV is so hazardous that the mere presence of mouse tissue in a laboratory can contaminate other tissues in the same room.

Dr Fauci ordered Mikovits to keep her mouth shut. When she refused, he illegally confiscated her work books and hard drives, drove her from government work and blackballed her from receiving NIH grants ending her science career. XMRV remains in American vaccines.” Source for this section of her qualifications is: “Dr. Fauci’s Attempt to Silence Whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovits Which Destroyed Her Career.” Vaccine Impact, 21 Apr. 2020,

☆ Much of the news on the Internet about Dr. Mikovits is very negative because she dared to stand up to pro-vaccine weasels like that Quack Fauci. She was scapegoated, and was even sent to prison on what she and many close to her say were bogus charges. So, before you judge her based on what the pro-vaccine Internet gods have written about her, read what she has to say, as she is an expert on this subject.


Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes The Covid Scam

By Contributing Writers -August 10, 2020 Share

“SARS-Cov-2 (coronavirus) talks with Dr Judy Mikovits, the scientist who worked out how to treat HIV AIDS and came up with the first curative therapy for hairy cell leukemia.”
“When I worked in industry, I studied epigenetics. I was looking at gene expression. With regard to genes, it is not the blueprint of a person’s genes that matter. It is not your genetics that matter. What matters is the dysregulation [the weakening] of the gene expression and the way in which this contributes to disease.

[The virus we are talking about today is known by its full name as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (this is often shortened to names such as SARS coronavirus 2; or SARS-Cov-2. The disease we are talking about today is called Coronavirus Infectious Disease 2019 or Covid-19. The virus and the disease must not be confused as the being same thing.]

This idea of dysregulation of gene expression plays a key part in understanding the infection of the SARS-Cov-2 virus as opposed to the disease Covid-19. 

A key part in how the Covid-19 disease is being misrepresented is the media saying: ‘A person can be infected with Covid-19 disease without having the disease.’

This is wrong. If a person is infected with a virus without having the disease, they have immunity. This can help others.


INTERVIEWER: What is zoonosis? Why is the bat soup theory implausible?

DR MIKOVITS: Zoonosis is kind of what the word means. A zoo [a collection of animals or animal tissue kept in laboratories]. And then it [a virus] jumps species.

A researcher in a laboratory takes a pathogen that is not behaving as a pathogen [where it currently lives inside a healthy animal]. It is symbiotic [in other words, it sits in the body of an animal where it is usually found and causes no harm].

There are viruses that live comfortably in bats. They do not bother the bats. The bats do not care that they are they are there. 

When those viruses jump species, they cause devastating disease.

For example, the zoonosis in HIV AIDS was a monkey virus that jumped to humans [after the virus was created (perhaps accidentally) in a laboratory, although this is always officially denied].

In this case, with the coronavirus, it supposedly came from bats. However, bat viruses would not infect human cells.

The differences between the immune systems are so great that you need what is called an intermediate host. You would need another small animal that is biologically closer to humans [in order to switch a bat virus into a human virus].  For example, a civet [a civet is a small animal not dissimilar in size to a small monkey].

You would need another animal host in order to attenuate [adjust] the virus. You need another animal host in order to change the virus and teach it to infect an immune system that is closer to humans. This is unlikely to happen without laboratory intervention because human beings do not come into contact with civets or other animals often enough that the civet could act as a natural intermediary.

The theory of the bat virus just jumping from uncooked soup in a seafood market in Wuhan, China into humans makes absolutely no sense.

In all the most recent pandemics the world has seen, the intermediate was not another small animal, although that is what the general public will always be officially told about all of these events.

[For example, you will see headlines such as: ‘World Health Organization says evidence suggests coronavirus originated in animals and was not produced in a lab.’]

In fact, the intermediate will almost certainly be an animal cell line [an animal cell line is animal cells grown in a laboratory]. Or animal tissues repeatedly grown in a laboratory.

[Cultivating animal cell lines in a laboratory is something Dr Mikovits has done for all of her working life as a virologist.] In 1999, I worked at the US Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. 

My job was to teach the ebola virus to infect human cells without killing them. We cannot study a virus unless we can grow it. We cannot understand how it causes disease in an animal unless we can grow enough copies of it. 

It was somewhat scary to do this research. At the time, the ebola virus was destroying the human blood cells I was putting it into, the human macrophage cells [white blood cells]. They disintegrate almost instantly. You cannot study them if that happens.

My entire career has been tissue culture. Animal tissue culture and human tissue culture.

I would grow various cancers in the laboratory to study how they would develop and see what causes them. And see what part of the immune system is dysregulated.”


We are told the SARS-Cov-2 virus supposedly causes what is being called the disease called Covid-19.  The disease Covid-19 has an inflammatory signature of disease.

If you, the susceptible individual, do not have that inflammatory signature of disease then it does not matter how much of this SARS-Cov-2 virus [the coronavirus the media talks about] is in your body. You will not get sick. 

You are immune. You make an immune response. You mount an immune response.

You have antibodies. Your body makes alpha interferons. [The human body’s white blood cells produce a thing known as Type 1 alpha interferons. These stifle viral replication by interfering with the viral nucleic acid, which is the building block of the virus that makes it multiply. In other words, a white blood cell produces alpha interferons and these stop the virus in its tracks].

You suppress the virus, as an immune system will do.

Part of the big fraud in all of this is the way they are testing. And what they are looking at. And how they are saying: ‘Oh, this virus just popped up overnight from one woman in a seafood market in Wuhan.’ 

I don’t know how bat soup would come into a seafood market! At any rate, the idea that there was a seafood market with improperly cooked food and within two months’ time a virus jumps to 110 countries. No.   

That is really not an ingested virus. That is an injected virus.

I am saying that the novel coronavirus [the SARS-Cov-2 virus] is an injected virus.”


“INTERVIEWER: You are saying this is an injected virus. Does the enormous nationwide annual program of flu vaccines used by millions of people have anything to do with that?

[Explanatory note: Over the course of the past decade, Americans were openly and blatantly told: ‘The flu vaccine does not work. But do it anyway to strengthen your immune system.’ In fact, this is simply not how vaccines work. Once a person has either had flu or received a single flu vaccine, that will be as much protection as they will ever get from the flu.

[The argument for receiving the flu vaccine over and over again in very strong doses made to the American people was based on the idea that viral interference means that a person receiving the flu vaccine would strengthen their immunity and develop immunity to co-infections.

[Dr Tony Fauci, the health official in charge of America’s response to Covid-19, spearheaded media efforts to encourage people like the over-65s and other people in vulnerable groups to go and get the flu vaccine year after year after year. Older people are likely to be weak because they are carrying all the toxins they have built up in life around inside them.

[The recent US flu vaccine would contain at least three live RNA viruses as well as bird retroviruses and bird coronaviruses, which it would have picked up from being grown in chicken eggs.]

There are articles being published that talk about viral interference. [In usual circumstances, viral interference means one virus inhibits the replication of other viruses. In other words, upon receiving a vaccine, in the usual course of events, this would make the immune system stronger. What is being suggested is that one virus, in this case, the flu virus in the form of a vaccine, has ended up promoting another virus, which is the SARS-Cov-2 virus.]

These articles suggest that people have much greater susceptibility to Covid-19 if they have been given the flu vaccine.

Do you think there was anything different with the flu vaccine that came out recently?

DR MIKOVITS: The concept of viral interference is important. What that scientific term means, in this case, is that when you get the influenza vaccine, in some cases, the immune response to that influenza can mean that the body can respond in a good way to other families of viruses. [In other words, in the traditional meaning of term ‘viral interference’, the immune system can supposedly become stronger. The immune system can supposedly beat other viruses related to the virus being vaccinated against.]

But in the case of the 2017-2018 flu vaccine given to the US military, when researchers studied this flu vaccine, they found that the viral interference in fact promoted coronavirus infection. It enhanced it by 36 per cent.

That is to say, if you got an influenza vaccine in 2017-2018, which is the period covered by this study – and they looked at the military, who are forced to get these flu vaccines – in those cases, they were 36 per cent more likely to get a coronavirus infection with the flu vaccine.

The flu vaccine was promoting the coronavirus infection.

[Data published in a study published in 2019 by Dr Greg Wolff said that the supposed benefits of viral interference were not true in relation to coronaviruses. In fact, the flu vaccines were accelerating coronaviruses.] 

There are several other studies looking at whether inactivated influenzas became recombinant [which is to say the genetic material of the flu virus recombines with other things inside the body into something harmful] after a vaccine was injected.

These studies showed that people who got vaccines – including and not limited to influenza vaccines – were 4.4 times more likely, especially children, to get the disease. [She means the disease they were supposed to be avoiding by taking the vaccine in the first place. Vaccines do not necessarily prevent disease. The paragraphs above related to infection.”

Dr. Mikovits believes ….

“We do not know what changes happened. I do not like to use the word engineered. It implies we thought about it. It implies we cut and pasted a virus together. 

That is not how it works. We have no idea what is going on in the laboratory when we do these things. That is why these studies should never be done again.

That is why, theoretically, gain of function studies were outlawed in the USA from 2013.

You would have to ask senior US health official Francis Collins [director of the US National Institutes of Health] why he lifted that law in 2017.

[In relation the study discussed above and written up in ‘Nature’ journal,] people need to ask why the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, under the oversight of Dr Anthony (Tony) Fauci, funded these studies in Wuhan, China with the University of North Carolina and with a Harvard researcher also being involved in the work. [Other people were involved too spread around the world.]

When Dr Fauci, the Wuhan lab, the North Carolina lab and the Harvard researcher set this arrangement up, they would have known the people involved would be sending this cell line between the labs, probably via the mail. It was somehow sent [between the US and China] via researchers. I don’t know how these researchers sent it. We sent it via the mail when I worked there.

Is this SARS-Cov-2 virus engineered? No. Escaped? Likely. Intentional? Yes. We did these studies intentionally. 

And intentionally breaking the law, in this case [with the 2015 study in ‘Nature’ journal]. But I guess maybe Dr Tony Fauci is the law of the world, as we have seen.  It is in part true to say it came from a lab China, but that is only part of the story. The Wuhan lab was not working on its own. There was collusion with people in the US and elsewhere.

This coronavirus, the SARS-Cov-2 virus, is not more than a severe cough.

It is totally implausible that it is passing from human to human by healthy humans coughing. That is not how it happens.

It is far more plausible that it has been injected. Remember that essentially every vaccine carries animal cells. [For example,] the Pediarix vaccine [which covers diphtheria, hepatitis B, pertussis, polio and tetanus] is made with Vero monkey kidney cells. We give that vaccine to infants.

Flu vaccines contain bird cells that carry coronaviruses and many other viruses, including retroviruses not dissimilar to HIV in the way they work. [A retrovirus is a type of RNA virus that inserts a copy of its genome into the DNA of a host cell that it invades, thus changing the genome of that cell. In other words, a retrovirus enters the body without alerting the immune system. It can then lie dormant for years. They are sometimes called stealth viruses or slow viruses. They can be unknowingly passed on to children in the womb and in breast milk.] 

The new flu vaccine in Italy used from January 2019 onwards contained four different influenzas, including the H1N1 flu virus. [A lot of this vaccination program, with four strains of flu, would have gone into elderly people with weak immune systems.] This vaccine was grown in Madin-Darby canine kidney cells, which to say it was grown in dog cells. Dogs carry coronaviruses. Cats have infectious, transmissible coronaviruses and get diseases from them.  

This SARS-Cov-2 virus did not spread to 110 countries from a seafood market in China starting in December 2019 or whatever date the media claim.

It is plausible and probable that SARS-Cov-2 virus has been in flu vaccines beginning somewhere from 2013-2015 onwards because that is when this work was being illegally done. The flu vaccines are driving the infection. This is injection.

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