Mental Note #2 for 2020, about My Durian Trees

Durio zibethinus

That is a Type Species of the Durian Fruit Tree. There are at least 100 varieties in my region, but, that is information learned on the Internet, so…I take “true information” from the Internet, with a grain of salt.

I grow a couple different species of durian, which are still very young and delicate.

Mental Note #2 is, Durian trees do NOT like direct sunlight, especially when they are very small. The leaves dry out very quickly even when the tree is watered regularly.

☆ My Durian Trees grow best in shade of a bigger tree (so some sunlight comes through the leaves of the bigger tree), which provides partial sunlight.

Growing stuff for me is always experimental, with a few successes, and quite a few failures, but failing a lot means I’m learning a lot….hopefully.