So….I’m sitt’en here mind’en my own business, and out of nowhere, I hear,


Smoke is coming out of my computer, whooo! The STINK!

I had to leave the room for awhile, because the smell was so bad — A sulphur-rotten-egg stink — I thought Satan had suddenly taken possession of my computer!

With my eyes watering and not being able to see more than a few feet in front of me because of the grey clouds of smoke, I decided to give the computer time to cool down, relax for a bit, and maybe it would be better in a short time.

AND YES, BEFORE YOU LAUGH, and I’M TOTALLY SERIOUS HERE FRIENDS — The logical thing to do when you hear louds sounds coming from your computer, see lots of smoke coming out of your computer, and, BELIEVE YOU HEAR SATAN CONJURING SPELLS WITHIN THE DEPTHS OF YOUR COMPUTER — It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED leaving it immediately, BUT BEFORE YOU GO, MAKE SURE TO DO THE FOLLOWING STEPS: 1) Sprinkle salt in a continuous line around the room, MAKING SURE THE COMPUTER IS INSIDE THE PROTECTIVE BARRIER OF SALT! 2) Turn out the lights (Demons hate to sit in the dark – they are afraid of the dark). AND 3), Close the door behind you, and sprinkle more salt along the crack of the bottom portion of the door. And, I guess 4) would be, Call for the Help of an Exorcist!

☆ IF you didn’t know, those four steps make up the Universal Fix for the ol’ “Computer Made Loud Sounds and Created Lots of Smoke, and you have suspicions that it is Possessed“, Technical Support Computer Problem #4,666 — Most people don’t know this fact, so keep it in mind.

[☆ Three Hours Later…the Exorcist had finished Exorcising the Demons from my computer….]

THUS, about an hour, AFTER THE EXORCISM…

I thought the computer would be fully rested, so I ventured off and went back to the room. The smoke had pretty much cleared, and there was only a slight stink of sulphur in the air. I was still rather concerned, and kind of terrified…This sort of computer problem has never happened to me before — What can I say, Demonic Computer Possession is kind’a new to me.

I mustered my courage, and

I decided to open up the computer case and have a look around. The Exorcist left some Holy Water for me, just in case. I proceeded to crack open the case, because with utter confidence, I knew I was an expert in fixing technology problems, and I was certain, without much of a chance of being terrorized by any otherworldly creatures, that I could solve this computer problem. In fact, I thought it would be an easy fix: Perhaps it blew a fan belt; or maybe, a motherboard gasket came loose — Simple!

When I opened up the computer case, everything looked good, until I checked the hard drive ( See the Hard Drive in the Photo Above and be totally SHOCKED! )

I’ve NEVER, EVER, seen a hard drive CRASH like this before, it was a tangled, twisted, bent like a Brontosaurus-Stepped-On-It, Piece of Wreckage!

Whomever said that hard drive crashes could not be serious, was jerk’en you around, take it from me!

BEWARE! A demonically-possessed computer takes computer technical disasters into the 6th-Dimension BEYOND the 7th Circle of Hell!

This is a ‘TRUE’ STORY! Sort of…kind of…only slightly exaggerated…but just the parts about the Smoke, Sulphur Stink, Satan, Demonic-Possession, Salt-Circle, Exorcist, Holy Water, and…maybe a few other parts are only sort of based on a somewhat true story. HOWEVER, besides all of that, the story is somewhat real.

Says Me…

Except this part is Damned True: a ‘Demonic-Possessed-Hammer-of-Alacrity’ did the ACTUAL damage to THE ALREADY ‘CRASHED’ HARD DRIVE.