Here is the BEST, FREE Advice YOU will ever get IF You want to be a Photographer!

So….You say you want to be a Photographer.


However, you must Live the First Rule of Photography!

And this rule may seem obvious (and it is), but it is so blatantly abused and ignored by people who claim to have photography aspirations.

This rule is simply so important, it cannot be ignored: “NEVER, EVER go anywhere without your camera!” Let me repeat that rule: “NEVER, EVER go anywhere without your camera!”

See, VERY Simple. However, many Wanna-be Photographers will leave the house without their camera. Maybe they think nothing photography-worthy will happen. Maybe they think their phone camera is good enough—Yes, phone cameras are really good, no doubt, but continue reading. Leave it to say, Photographers will have a ton of excuses why they don’t take their DSLR with them, everywhere.

☆ The simple fact is, all of us need to sharpen our photography-muscle-memory using our DSLR camera, the tool that you may need to use on a paid job, it is a necessary exercise.

If you only use your phone camera when you are out and about, then you may find capturing photographs with your camera (DSLR) a little clumsy, and your confidence may be low when operating the DSLR. The last thing you want is a client, or potential client, seeing you look clumsy while operating photography equipment—a painful mistake.