PURE EVIL is the Artwork and the Name for the Colour-Dominance colour in PURE EVIL

Color Code: #D31C34 is “PURE EVIL”! It’s not Pure Evil, it is just the Unofficial Name I have given that Hex Color Code.

Title: “Pure Evil”.

Creation Date of the Naming for Color, ‘Pure Evil’: 16 February 2019.

Copyright 2019 Nawfal Johnson

All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia


Genres: Abstract Photography. Smoke Art Photography.


Artist’s Note:

“This work, “Pure Evil”, is now in two of my art photography series: ‘Colour-Dominance’, and originally in ‘Ethereal Dreams and Nightmares’. It fits in too well with the ‘Colour-Dominance’ series to leave it out. Plus, I wanted to unofficially name a specific colour (specific Hex Color #); and thus, I do here by name Hex Color Code #D31C34 is “PURE EVIL”!”

“The other reason that this Smoke Art Photography artwork is titled, “Pure Evil,” is because the Demonic Pareidolia Face, just below-dead-center in this work is one of the most EVIL faces ever to appear in any of my Smoke Art or Fire Portraits images.”


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A Few New Selections at ImageKind!

Alien Water Photographs by Nawfal Nur


Just a quick note, and a quick mention of some new work I have posted in my ImageKind Gallery, “Alien Water”.  I decided to change things up a bit there.  At first glance, I want visitors of my gallery to see more of my diversity.  Thus, I’ve added some new water droplet photographs, as well as, some images from my Sci-Fi Landscapes Series, Math Conceptual, Cosmetics-Art, Smoke Photography, High-Key Flower and Still Life photography.  Please have a look – Thanks!

Parts & Abstractions…

There is no such thing as inaccuracy in a photograph. All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.
~Richard Avedon~

I’ve been pondering the quote (above) by Avedon: It is very curious to me. I think what he said about photography is quite deep and meaningful. It may be similar to the idea that ‘there is only one reality, yet everyone has their own perception of reality.’ At least, that is what I gather from it.

These images in this post, are the parts, rather than the whole. They are the abstractions, rather than the ‘reality.’ They are all ‘accurate‘, but none of them are the ‘truth.’


Fiery Malay Dance, v.3

Gibson Les Paul & World

Lights, Color & Motion