MUST READ BLOG POST IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH! It is unfortunate that it takes a tragedy before a story really gets exposed: The murder of the Rapper, Nipsey Hussle, who was going to tell the world about Dr. Sebi and expose Big Pharma for the SCAM that it is!

I’ll admit, I have never heard of Nipsey Hussle before!

I don’t listen to Rap music. I listen to Classical Violin and Cello Concertos AND Heavy Metal / Death Metal. Nevertheless, when I got on YouTube this morning and saw this story of someone brave enough to take on Big Pharma, and then assassinated for probably posing a threat to the Big Pharma Gang’stas, I think it deserves some added attention.

As you can tell, this isn’t going to be an Art / Photography Post—next time. But please, read this entire post and see the videos. AND, I DIDN’T PLAN ON THIS BLOG POST AT ALL! However, I think the topic is important.

I’m not going to go into details of the murder of Nipsey, or details about Dr. Sebi, some of that you can get by watching the following video:

However, I often discuss here, or at my other blog, , about any new research on the diseases that I own, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Osteoporosis, and Ménière’s Disease.

Nipsey Hussle isn’t the first person to work on exposing Big Pharma for the scam system that it is, who often sells medications without even knowing if they work or what results they will have on people, good or bad: Take antidepressants as an example.

All of these Psychotropic drugs are released onto the market without, in many cases (or perhaps all cases), not being fully tested to know how these drugs will affect people in the long term—HOWEVER, one side effect of many of these medications is “Suicidal Ideations”!

Have a look at this documentary on Big Pharma and Psychotropic Drugs:

No Blog Post would be complete without input from the very studious researcher and documentary expert on all things New World Order, James Corbett of the Corbett Report, has fully covered the Modern Medical Cabal Scam in this MUST SEE Documentary:

Rockefeller Medicine:

☆ Take Note! Rockefeller DIDN’T EVEN TRUST ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE! The same crap he was pushing on the masses, he didn’t trust. Good One.

How About Malaria!

Let’s talk about Malaria, a disease that kills millions of people. IF the Cabal, or the agencies that work hand-in-hand with the Cabal, get medical results that are more homeopathic, cost pennies to treat people with, and have much better results, the Cabal squashes and hides those results because it would be DISASTROUS for their expensive, prescription drugs monopoly.

There was a cheap, alternative medicine, study / trial done in Africa in 2012, that was nearly 100% successful in curing malaria in 24 hours after patients were given the medication: it was so successful that the Red Cross Immediately hid the study, and tried to make it go away. But, it was video documented. See the following video:

How about the Disease that I Own, Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)!

As far as one of my own diseases goes, Ankylosing Spondylitis, I discuss fully in my book, ETHEREAL DREAMS & HOPE, how the famous author, Norman Cousins, author of “Anatomy of an Illness“, cured himself of Ankylosing Spondylitis with intravenous injections of massive amounts of Vitamin C (25 grams per day), and with Laughter!

Try today, or anytime, to get an allopathic doctor to agree to intravenous injections of Vitamin C! LMAO! Never happen! Instead, they push all the Biological medicines that cost THOUSANDS of Dollars PER INJECTION! And, you have to have many injections over many months of treatment!

☆ IN FACT, AND BE VERY AWARE OF THIS, you will find all sorts of so-called experts on the Interwebs who try to discredit Norman Cousins, claiming he was never diagnosed properly, or didn’t have AS, or all sorts of things. WHY? Because these are the allopathic medical proponents who are pushing the Big Pharma Gang’stas’ Scam!

Suppose Cousin’s was misdiagnosed! So what, seriously. He would have anyway, suffered from one or more serious types of Arthritis. However, he PROVED that he could, with positive thought, laughter (positive energy), and using the “miracle” Vitamin C, at high doses (which is pretty cheap), cure himself.

☆ One of the WORST THINGS A PATIENT COULD POSSIBLY DO IS CURE THEMSELVES WITHOUT FORKING OVER THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for Doctors, Big Pharma Meds, Hospital Stays, and Insurance Claims! Can’t have that!

☆ Here’s the link to My Book:

Here’s the link to Norman Cousin’s Book:

Conclusion :

Considering that the Big Pharma “Monster” is a 100s of Billions of dollars Industry in profits each year, it does not sit well with them that some people propose a holistic / ayervedic approach to curing ailments and diseases. This “Monster” would potentially lose billions of dollars each year if it were widely known that certain vitamins, herbs, roots, leaves, tree bark, marine extracts, fasting, meditation, exercises, etc., could cure, curb, or lessen certain diseases that the “monster” brainwashes the masses to believe must be treated ONLY with pills they provide! That could be very dangerous for the proponents of alternative medications. I wonder if this was the case with Nipsey Hussle.