MENTAL NOTE #117: Yes — There are some simple tasks that EVERYONE, ALMOST, can do without even thinking about them; tasks you can do without working up a massive sweat, without experiencing massive pain, and without feeling massive discomfort and annoyance.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about ‘Owning‘ the horrible arthritic disease, ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS, like I DO! I’ve had this damned painful disease for at least 39 Years! Imagine EVERYDAY PAIN! Yeah, that is what Ownership of Ankylosing Spondylitis is all about.

“Everything you do as an AS’er is typically affected by AS.”

ME, I said that!

I was painfully and annoyingly reminded of this fact today, as I struggled for at least FIVE MINUTES to get my socks on! Yes, SOCKS! The BANE of AS’ers WORLDWIDE! IF you own AS, you should know what I mean, right!

Because the AS’er’s spine is stiff and painful, most of the time; or, like me, having suffered a fractured spine (in two places), DUE TO COMPLICATIONS WITH AS + A TRAUMA, causing a need to go through a HORRENDOUS 10-hours long Spinal Fusion Surgery to keep my spinal cord from being ripped apart as my lumbar spine moved in two different directions, eventually making it so I could no longer walk — MY POINT IS THAT EVEN LESS THAN CRITICAL ACCIDENTS TO MOST PEOPLE, CAN CAUSE DISASTROUS INJURIES FOR AS’ERS.

Yeah, so, that’s only one FUN example of what some of us AS’ers have experienced in THEIR (OUR) OWNERSHIP of AS.

Therefore, the simple act of bending over to put one’s own socks on to dress, is an EXHAUSTING EXPERIENCE to say the least.

Sometimes, after I get my socks on, I feel so drained, I say to myself, “‘Fuuck’it!’ I’m too exhausted to go anywhere.” Nevertheless, it was such an effort to just get my socks on (properly no less, LOL), that it would be a waste NOT to go out. “I’ll teach them ‘Fuuck’en’ socks who they are dealing with!”


Anyway, EVIL SOCKS, the Bane of AS’ers throughout the Galaxy and BEYOND!

I was just thinking about the mysteries of the galaxy today, and the Struggles of Daily Life that many (if not all) AS’ers face. Simple tasks like putting on socks, are indeed, a ‘Pain in the AS(S)’, for AS’ers!



I was trying to remember what year I started my blog: This is my second oldest blog, and my recently ‘retired’ blog, , is my oldest blog — I started exhibiting my Fine Art Photography, and writing and publishing on the subjects of PHOTOGRAPHY, Art, and related information, at , in 2005. Thus, my guess, without purposefully looking it up, is that was founded in 2007. Therefore, I think this blog is about 13, or thereabouts, years old.

BY THE WAY, WORDPRESS was founded in May 2003, so I’ve been blogging (since April 2005) for ALMOST as long as WORDPRESS has been around. I’m an ‘OldTimer’!

I usually publish and exhibit my Fine Art Photography here. HOWEVER …

This year, I started an ongoing ‘Philosophical’ (sort of) series, titled “MENTAL NOTES”, and actually I have many more than 110 MENTAL NOTEs: For some odd, mental reason, I got MAJORLY STUCK at MENTAL NOTE #31! FOR SEVERAL WEEKS, I was publishing MENTAL NOTES at #31, so I had MENTAL NOTEs numbering, #31.1, 31.2 … MENTAL NOTE #31.9736482, LOL!, UNTIL I felt one of my new MENTAL NOTEs seemed like a #32.

Therefore, I have no idea of the exact number of MENTAL NOTEs published so far, but I would guess somewhere between 125 to 145 … probably.

I could have dedicated a New Blog to my MENTAL NOTES Series; however, starting a new blog is not the best way to get a lot of people to see content you want them to see. It is a slow process to gain followers at a new blog!

After retiring , I asked people to Goto my Newest Art Photography Blog, and support me over there … it was a Simple click of the button / Link, to goto my new Blog and Hit Subscribe!

It may take a total of 20 Seconds to Support me at my new Art Photography Blog … BUT I WAS A BIT DISAPPOINTED that ONLY A HANDFUL of my current subscribers took the small amount of time, and small effort, to Subscribe and Support me at my New Blog, . I think you too, would be slightly disappointed, don’t you think, if you had such low results from a simple request for help.

Therefore, that showed me that even when I asked for help from present subscribers at my old blog, to support me at my NEW Blog, ( ) , it was like pulling teeth to get people to help me out with that small request. NEVERTHELESS, I was Very-VERY Happy with the people who took the effort to show their support for me.

If you start a new blog, please let me know, because I will show my support,

… as long as your new blog is not something on the EXTREME FRINGE of subject matter … or it is a blog focusing on a philosophy that I ethically and morally cannot support — but I don’t think anyone here who presently subscribes to my blogs is into EXTREMELY fringe and majorly controversial subjects that I am vehemently against.

Therefore, starting a new blog is not easy, even if you have a reasonable following at other blogs you publish.

If you want to start a new subject series, it is basically more efficient to work it into your present blog(s), in my opinion. That is what I did with my MENTAL NOTEs SERIES — I just made it a regular subject at my established blog. You may find that useful information for your own blog, if you want to start writing on a new topic, on a regular basis.

Anyway, that’s about all I want to write about in this Blog Post Number 800, and in contemplating life in the Blogosphere, in MENTAL NOTE #110.

Meniere’s Disease and Balance Awareness Week Starting 13 Sept — Just to Help Make People Aware!

If you ever experience dizziness or feeling off-balance, or falling down for no apparent reason, you could have a vestibular-related disease/disorder, and you should probably see an ENT specialist for a consultation. I have the “luck” of ‘owning’ Meniere’s Disease, which is a vestibular disease, and, which is also very horrible, and can be dangerous due to unexpected vertigo attacks, and other issues, not the least, hearing loss. So … just be aware of balance problems because these symptoms of imbalance could have been signs of bigger health problems.