My Big Move and Sit and Stare!

Yeah, so, I’ve been moving house. What a glorious pain in the ass that has been!

Now, I know why I haven’t moved in 18 years! LMAO! It is a horrendous physical and mental stress.

I have moved about 98% of the things from the old house, but I still need to do some work at the old house too. I have stayed at the new house for three nights, and geez, it takes time getting used to a TOTALLY new environment. New unfamiliar sounds and all of that, and different neighbours.

I know now, or, I remember now, why people don’t move very often and that is because it is a huge godless task. Sure, the new location may be newer and all of that, but there are sacrifices along the way.

The most inconvenient sacrifice for me is transportation.

I don’t drive anymore!

I own Ménière’s Disease. I get dizzy and have Vertigo attacks without much warning. I feel that it is highly irresponsible of anyone who has a medical condition that can cause uncontrollable loss of balance, such as Ménière’s Disease, to be driving a 1-ton (or bigger) vehicle (or motorcycle) along busy roads, which can quickly become a 1-ton weapon if you lose control of it due to a sudden dizzy attack. That is my personal opinion, others with Ménière’s may disagree.


Yes, the sacrifices: My old house was near (a 1-block walk) to a bus stop. The best bus stop nearest to the new house, is a 1-kilometre walk away. There is a closer bus stop, but that route has fewer buses, and if I am not mistaken, the bus only arrives every 1 or 1 and a half hours—not so convenient. So, I have a choice of waiting a long time, or walking a long distance.

You may be saying, “Hey, 1 kilometre is not so far!”

I would reply with, “Hey, for someone like myself, with 4 types of Arthritis, YES, it is DAMNED FAR, and DAMNED Painful! I have A.S., R.A., Osteoporosis, and Cervical and Upper Thoracic Spondylosis. Believe me, while it may be good exercise, I will pay for it later in pain.

My other option is to take a GRAB wherever I need to go. GRAB is the UBER of Southeast Asia. That can get expensive very quickly! But, it is way cheaper than a Taxi.

Taxi drivers in Penang are notorious! LMAO! Their cars say “Metered Taxi”, MLMAO! In all my many years in Penang, the taxi drivers have NEVER EVER used their meters because it would benefit the passenger greatly. The taxi drivers just make up some TOTALLY ridiculous rate that is preposterous! And now, they bitch and moan about GRAB taking away their business. Well, they shouldn’t try so hard to ripoff their customers, and maybe people would take taxis. I wonder if they ever considered INTEGRITY to be part of their business?!?

☆ My advice to anyone visiting Malaysia is to download the GRAB app, and then use GRAB to get around. In Kuala Lumpur, you have more options, like the LRT, MRT, Monorail, the numerous train services that are fast, pretty convenient, and cheap. Sometimes, during peak hours, you may be packed like sardines in the LRT car, however, that is just how it goes. Oh well… I prefer the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) System, but you just have to take whatever train goes to your specific location, and it may not be MRT.

So anyway, those are my new bus-travel options. Doable, but more inconvenient than before.


At the old house I was within walking distance (less than 1 kilometre) of 3 Shopping Complexes, and TESCO was only 1 Kilometre away.

Now, at the new location, I need to take transportation to get to any shopping complexes.


■ Oh well, the new house is newer and better than the old house, but for sure, there are convenience tradeoffs that I must contend with, and which are unavoidable.

◎ And Now, I Sit and Stare!

I sit and stare at all of the many boxes that need to be moved and unpacked, and the furniture that needs to be rearranged after clearing the boxes.

Sitting and staring is easier than moving the boxes; however, I do not have the mental ability to move objects with my mind, so I will need to gather up the willpower to physically move the boxes. It is a gradual endeavour, but it is getting done.

Wish me luck!