Cat Portraiture and Cats are Better People than Humans!

Yes, Indeed, IT IS TRUE, Cats are Better People than Humans!

  • Cat’s love you for who you are! They DON’T try to make you conform, change, adjust, or augment your mental or physical being! Just Feed them, and they DON’T give a Fůçķ about all of your “supposed” shortcomings!
  • Cats Forgive and Forget! Feed them and show them some attention and they are Good….A Friend Indeed! Unlike Humans, who lie about, “Oh, I forgive you”, but really, they NEVER FORGET, and then at their convenience, they bring up shit from the past, the stuff they CLAIMED THEY FORGAVE YOU FOR, and then use all of that old, so-called, “forgiven” long-dead crap from the past, as ammunition to blast you with, and remind you of how horrific you are, because people can’t Forgive and Forget, sincerely. It does no good to say you forgive someone, if you only plan to use that same “shit” they did or said from years ago….and continue to hold it over the other person’s head like a terrible storm cloud. THAT IS NOT FORGIVING HONESTLY! IF YOU REALLY WILL NEVER FORGIVE OR FORGET, then just drop all of the fūçķįņğ drama and say, “I’ll never forgive!” Just have some compassion for other humans, realize that you aren’t fūçķįņğ perfect either, and if you REALLY WANT TO SHOW SOMEONE YOU REALLY AND HONESTLY forgive them, DON’T Continue to punish them over and over again throughout eternity.
  • Cats Are Actually Happy When You Walk into the Room! Sure, they may be programmed to think, “Ah, Human equals Food!” But Hey! Take the Win! At least the cats seem happy to see me (Of course they have an agenda—I’m the ‘Food Giver’)….NEVERTHELESS, I guess Cats are more caring People than most Humans! EVEN, Grumpy Cats are more honestly caring than many humans.
  • Cats DON’T intentionally kill or harm other Cats. Yes, they have instincts that are natural to them, to fight for territory and for female cats. However, cats cannot reason. Humans are supposed to have reasoning capabilities but they are hell-bent on killing each other mindlessly! Füçķîńğ idiots that humans are! Cats are definitely more civilized than humans.
  • Cats DON’T care about politics! They DON’T get “triggered” by all the bullshit, toxic P.C. culture that divides humans and causes so much grief among the human population!

☆ There are so many things humans could learn from Cats, and other domesticated animals, to help them become better, more caring people.

SOME OF MY CAT PORTRAITURE: Some of my Beautiful Cats that I had the Honour of Knowing and Photographing.

Unfortunately, all of the cats in these photographs, have passed away, and I do miss them. All had very pure, gentle, and fun personalities. I can remember them in photographs, and in good memories.

“BLEU”. Photography by Nawfal Johnson.

“MICHIKO”, Photography by Nawfal Johnson.

“MISS MILLIONS”, Photography by Nawfal Johnson.

“RIO”, Photography by Nawfal Johnson.