Yeah, so I was greatly annoyed by something I recently heard from some arrogant, narcissistic, YouTube fool — He foolishly claimed that books are a waste of time, and that books do not hold any knowledge. These are words coming from a self-professed genius, who does not read books….Ever!

I wonder where people would be today without books?

Still Living in Caves!

Books hold the repository of knowledge of scholars from generations, and generations and generations ago.

Oh, but, this so-called genius says only people who do not live in the present moment waste time reading books and are not living life [properly].

* “Hey! Nicolai Copernicus! Yeah, You! I’m sorry, but your “On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Bodies“, was a total waste of time, you idiot, no one need read it, because some guy on the InterWebs, a BIGGER GENIUS than You, says, that ‘Books are a Waste of Time’!”

“In addition, didn’t you hear what Abraham Lincoln said about the Internet? He said, quote “If you saw it on the Internet, it MUST BE True!”

“So, if that ‘Internet genius’ says books are a waste of time, then, hey, save your time, do something else, maybe take up a new hobby, like underwater-basket-weaving!”

I am completely irritated and annoyed with arrogant and know-it-all people — these are the people who believe everything should be their way, and everything else is wrong.

☆ Everyone has the right to be STUPID and IGNORANT if they want to be, I guess, even ‘super-self-proclaimed-geniuses’! Be my guest.

The rest of us will read books and learn new information, or fantasize and be thrilled by the adventures conceived by authors. We will read horror books and be scared by creatures and monsters! We will read Science Fiction stories and be amazed by other worlds and contraptions of the future! We will be astonished by the revolutionary thinking of people like Copernicus.

I think this genius is confused:

He seems to think that by reading books we are trying to escape the reality of life, avoiding life, and wasting our time, which is an illogical belief in my opinion. I think by reading books we broaden our understanding of life: We gain knowledge, and we also become more creative by reading a lot of books.

I never realized this before, but I guess some arrogant, narcissistic, wanna-be geniuses believe reading books is a task that is beneath them.

Nevermind, don’t let us Book Readers stop you, wanna-be geniuses, go ahead and ‘live life’ as you see fit, just don’t get in the way of Book Readers, because your ignorance smashes into us with the same outcome as a fly colliding with a speeding bullet-train — Your ignorance turns to vapor.

“When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.”

~ Desiderius Erasmus ~