Yes, You Heard Right…Where oh Where Did that Motivation Go?

So what do you do when you feel absolutely drained of motivation?

SERIOUSLY….I’m asking you, because I’ve got nothing right now.

If Darth Vader was here, he would certainly say, “Use the Force!”

Well, this isn’t Star Wars, so what other options are there? I’m kind of fresh out of “Force” also.

Therefore, I thought I’d ask Rembrandt, and here’s what the Old Master had to say:

Thank you Rembrandt….for the Riddle!

Holy Crap!

I can’t get a straight answer from anyone.

Well, the first part of Rembrandt’s advice is great, I do practice what I know and it does help me get better. However,

When I’m feeling Underwhelmed about Doing What I Know, it becomes mighty difficult to Do What I Know, and that gets me OVERWHELMED!

And, Rembrandt is quite correct, when you know what you know, you also figure out what you don’t know.

But Rembrandt did not mention (in that statement) how to be motivated! Well, he can’t do everything for us, can he.

On a Side-Note:

I am lucky enough to say that I have had the “Rembrandt Experience“. What is the “Rembrandt Experience“, you ask? It is standing in front of a Rembrandt painting and staring at its magnificence in awe, wondering how in the world anyone could possibly apply paint to canvas with such detail, precision, grace, tone, and power.

My “Rembrandt Experience” was at Harvard’s FOGG Art Museum—Which is also one of my favorite art museums. You can see artworks from the FOGG Art Museum at the Harvard Art Museums website. They have many artworks from Rembrandt and works from his students/apprentices.

☆ Looking at works, in person, by Master Artists, like Rembrandt, gets me motivated. Unfortunately, I am nowhere near any of my favorite art museums.

So now what?

I guess…

Like any horrible storm, I’ll have to wait for it to pass naturally, unless miraculously, I find a cure for “Lost Motivation”.

In the meantime…

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