RESISTANCE and Wondering Why it has been so DIFFICULT for me to share my (Unpublished yet Finished Fiction) Book with the World

Here is an IMPORTANT (TO ME) Blog Post I just published at my NEW Blog, http://ADayWithADeadMan.wordpress/ (“A DAY WITH A DEAD MAN”), and I thought it was good for my Photography Blog too.

I was Wondering Why it has been so DIFFICULT for me to share my Book with the World

I was looking at Ohm’s Law: Voltage = Current × Resistance
V= I×R
V= voltage, I= current and R= resistance

☆ The term, RESISTANCE, really stuck out, and it suddenly took on some urgent importance. The reason for my “resistance” to share my finished novel with others, became much clearer. I have a lot of Resistance in my mind regarding my book.

☆ RESISTANCE and FEAR (Rejection), I think, are my two biggest Roadblocks to sharing my writing. Here is the “killer” Question that haunts my mind: “What if people hate it?” Nothing kills confidence more than Pre-Catistrophizing Failure! Why do I do this to myself—Goodfűükïng Grief!

☆ I’ve had to really tell myself (multiple times), to “STOP this line of destructive thinking…it is mentally killing you!”

I have had to tell myself: “Just publish the thing, for Fúçķ’s Sake! Don’t think of negative shit when nothing happens, and if you get haters, just ignore them, but consider others who try to help, and think well of any positive advice, and appreciate everyone who gives you support and kindness!”

Laws of Series Circuits

  • Individual resistance add up to the total circuit resistance.

☆ I think this aspect of Ohm’s Law is the MOST significant reason for delaying publishing my book: “Individual Resistance” equals all of the excuses and fears I have formulated since my last edits, in 2009, and the nagging thoughts not to continue with my book and the writing process.

“The more fear and excuses I collected over time, regarding exposing my book to the world, has added up to a hell of a lot of “Total Circuit Resistance!””

RESISTANCE is something I do not experience with my Art Photography, and I have thousands of photographs on the Internet in various places.

I have over 2,500 of my Art Photographs at Imagekind,

RESISTANCE is simply something I do not have in my Photography Life, but I seem to have a lot of “Total Circuit Resistance” when it comes to my writing life, even though I am a published author, with my published non-fiction book (“ETHEREAL DREAMS & HOPE”), and with my publishing Photographic Essays in several International Magazines (GOLD, BLADE, DANCE SPIRIT, and DANCE TEACHER NOW (Dance Teacher)).

Well, I guess my Total Resistance must have recently become less because now I am (SERIOUSLY) planning to Publish my book by Blog, here at A DAY WITH A DEAD MAN BLOG.

In the meantime, I will continue to publish a few more preliminary posts (thoughts) on the blog publishing idea, and my personal process to get the ball rolling (in the right direction I hope).

That’s about all for now….I was just thinking about Resistance and its roll in my apprehension to publish my book, “A DAY WITH A DEAD MAN.”

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