To Simplify Your Blogging Life or Not to Simplify Your Blogging Life that is the Question?

The Answer Without a Doubt is …..

Yes. Simplicity is best.

Therefore, BECAUSE the WordPress Reader is somewhat Bullocks, and it would ALWAYS brings up bloggers’ posts from people who NEVER EVER, not in a zillion years, ever interacted with me or any of my blogs, I decided to reduce the number of blogs I am subscribed to.

The bloggers who interact with me on a regular basis never showed up in the Reader! And that is unadulterated Bullocks!

Therefore, wanting now, not to waste time on bloggers who never ever gave a single damn about anything I have had to share, I took to my list of blogs I was following, and I unfollowed all the blogs from people who:

  • Never interacted with me and my blogs.
  • Who have not created blog posts in years.
  • Who write on subjects I am not really interested.

I kept following bloggers who:

  • Interact with me and my blogs regularly.
  • Produce content that interests me, genuinely.
  • Who may not interact with me but I want to see the content from their posts anyway.

Slash & Burn

The outcome of my unfollowing Slash & Burn escapades ended up something like this:

  • I cut and slashed about 91.876734% of my blog subscriptions.
  • I kept about 1% or less, of blogs who never interact with me, but have content I like to see.

From Here Forward:

  • I will keep to the blogs I follow now.
  • I will add other blogs (Follow/Subscribe to) of people who show interest in my Photography Blogs, as long as I am also interested in their content.

WEIRDEST Thing I Noticed in this Slash and Burn Exercise:

There are a lot of “untitled” blogs that have 10’s of thousands of followers! Like WTF! People who have blogs with no focus, but collect thousands of followers. I don’t get it….

☆ How do people even find blogs without titles?

This seems rather fishy to me, and stinks like a shrinking, dead-fish-filled pond on a hot summer’s day!

If people can’t even name their blogs, I can’t imagine they spend time keywording ! Something’s wrong in Denmark, so to speak, or at WordPress, more precisely.

Oh well, and nevertheless, I’ve been blogging since 2007, and will continue, as it is something I still like to do, even though I am not reaching objectives like I thought I would, after being at this for 11 years.

I hope now, only the blogs I want to see, show up in my WP Reader!