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Copyright 2013 Nawfal Johnson. This is the Temple Priest at the KUIL ARULMIGU BALATHANDAYUTHAPANI TEMPLE. Malaysia. Imagine attempting an impromptu candid portrait today, where he would be forced to wear a m-ask in public: The photograph would be ruined.


“For me, a face without a smile is more expressive, tells much more. The disadvantage of smiling is that it takes over all other facial expressions.”

~ Peter Lindbergh (born Peter Brodbeck; 23 November 1944 – 3 September 2019) was a German fashion photographer and film director. ~


“FOR ME, A Face WITHOUT A FACE, is as painfully boring as watching two snails race. Nevertheless, I think I’d prefer watching snails race, rather than photograph people wearing face force fields. On one condition, as long as there were a few good snail crashes — who doesn’t like a knarley snail crash!”

I said that!

At this point, I would love to photograph interesting people out in public, with their faces showing, even if all they showed me were smiles — That would be 1,000% better than only seeing people in public with faces covered….Expressionless Zombies.

☆ This is what I see when I go out in public now: Get a load of this nightmare.

Photo from freepik.


I live in a place where the Face Force Field is Mandatory in Public….STILL!

People put up with this lunacy, so the powers-that-be can continue the agenda to make UN-SOCIAL Behaviour, the Newest Normal.

IF YOU THROW ENOUGH PRO-OP-A-GANDA (mis-spellings are intentional because I wish NOT to be shadowbanned again) at the population, many will believe everything they are being fed, even though it makes no logical or scientific sense.

I think the great Sociologist, Gustave Le Bon, said it best in his book, “The Crowd A Study of the Popular Mind” :

“Not truth, but error has always been the chief factor in the evolution of nations, and the reason why socialism is so powerful today is that it constitutes the last illusion that is still vital. In spite of all scientific demonstrations it continues on the increase. Its principal strength lies in the fact that it is championed by minds sufficiently ignorant of things as they are in reality to venture boldly to promise mankind happiness. The social illusion reigns today upon all the heaped-up ruins of the past, and to it belongs the future. The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.”

The Face Force Field is an illusion, pushed so hard as some sort of savior-Deus ex machina (along with the HOLY-J-a-b), that The Crowd MUST BELIEVE, especially in places where the people are shunned (and punished in many cases) for questioning the self-appointed, titled, superior, power-holders and their policies.


From all of the reports, and research I have read, this is the most accurate description I have read, so far — it is about the Physics. However, in places like where I live, apparently, they don’t care about the Physics. They care about….I don’t know what exactly….maybe the total control of “The Crowd Mind”, and damn the Physics! As far as I know, from being out yesterday, EVERYONE is still forced to wear face force fields (or be heavily fined), no one can dine inside at restaurants, no one can gather at religious sites (mosques, churches, temples), and, I sigh in disbelief, this has dragged on so hellishly long. There is absolutely no incentive to go out in these conditions, and expect to take candid photographs of people on the street, like I enjoyed doing, not so long ago, well, maybe it has been a long time — 2019.


“it was found that m-a-s-ks would not offer complete protection to a susceptible person from a v-i-r-a-l in-fec-tion” at a distance of less than 6 feet. Of course, they spin the findings, to support social distancing and m-a-s-k policies, even though they prove that face force fields are not very useful. It’s funny how they can prove the agenda WRONG, but go on to say, BUT GO AHEAD AND CONTINUE THE DRACONIAN MEASURES ON THE PEOPLE because it’s good for them. Just ignore that m-a-s-k-s in this sort of situation do no good, but go out an buy some more and make sure you wear them when going outside, in the fresh air, so you don’t endanger grandma, or you will be punished — OBEY!

The politicians where I live, are foaming at the mouth (probably literally) to v-a-x EVERYONE! And, in their daily pro-p-a-ganda they send out to all cell phones (thru SMS), they tell The Crowd, it is their duty, their obligation, to HELP PROTECT, grandma, the community, blah, blah, blah, don’t k-i-l-l grandma basically. I don’t think they got the memo from Is-ra-el and Ireland, that the SUPER-V-A-X-X-ED are being hos-pi-tal-ized MORE for being in-f-ect-ed with the Koof, than the rest of the population!

WAIT — WHAT’S THIS! Double-J-a-b-b-ed people overrunning the ERs! This country is VERY v-a-x-x-ed, and the numbers of cases are on the rise. Gee, I wonder why? Could the increase in cases of the Koof correlate with the increased number of fully v-a-x-x-ed people? I would guess YES; but you will never hear any of these theories in those daily SMS pro-p-a-gan-da messages we get from the health ministry. All they (the powers-that-be) care about is continuing the illusion, as Le Bon states, “The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them.”
The numbers DON’T LIE: He said it, not me.
Well, what’s this? Natural im-m-unity is awesome! I’m not getting that memo here, and I doubt that they (powers-that-be), want the general population to know this information — it goes against whatever N-W-0 agenda that seems to be playing out.

I didn’t intend this post to be as much of a rant as it is turning out to be, but oh well:

Edward Bernays warned in his book, PROP-A-GANDA, the following dark truths about what the powers-that-be do to manipulate the masses:

“ORGANIZING CHAOS: The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of the identity of their fellow members in the inner cabinet.They govern us by their qualities of natural leadership, their ability to supply needed ideas and by their key position in the social structure.”

“Conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses…” what more must be said. It is in full swing. The masses have fallen. Some resist. But here, it is business as usual for “those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society”.

Quotes by Edward Bernays

I just want to be able to take candid people photography like I did, prior to 2020, and who knows if, or when, that may happen.

Old Lady showing much love to her faithful cat, sitting at the Burmese Buddhist Temple, captured around 2013’ish. Now, because of the Koofdamnic, all temples are closed. Therefore, I can’t photograph there. ☆ See & Purchase my Fine Art Photography @ https://nawfalnur.ImageKind.com/
A Hindu devotee, during Thaipusam, carrying a silver milk jug on his head, up the stairs leading to the KUIL ARULMIGU BALATHANDAYUTHAPANI TEMPLE.
Hindu devotees during Thaipusam. All Photographs are the Copyright of Nawfal Johnson Nur, except the freepix image.

Yang Berhormat Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, 4TH & 7TH Prime Minister of Malaysia, CANDID PHOTOGRAPHS OF PEOPLE

PHOTOGRAPHS OF PEOPLE: Yang Berhormat Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, 4TH & 7TH Prime Minister of Malaysia. PHOTOGRAPHS OF PEOPLE.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet, and photograph, some very interesting people in Malaysia, including Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

I’ve met Tun a few times, and photographed him candidly at events. One time we met, where I did NOT photograph, was at the home of Tun Sharifah Rodziah binti Syed Alwi Barakbah, on the sad occasion of her death (2000). She was the wife of Tunku Abdul Rahman (Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah), the First Prime Minister of Malaysia — Tunku Abdul Rahman is our American equivalent of George Washington.

These people (like Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad), have paramilitary style body guards who are Always Alert, and it’s always best to be extremely polite, but not to be too shy to create a photograph if the chance arises. It’s good to be able to read the photographic environment when you want to capture candid portraits of high-ranking officials, to determine if and when it is appropriate.

Me, I said that….some advice.

Quasar CTA-102, aka, ALS #466

Abstract Light Streaks Photography Series.

TITLE: Quasar CTA-102, aka, ALS #466.


☆ You can buy Fine Art Prints and Gallery Quality Canvas of this Photography Series at the following Link:

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Studio Still Life Photography.


Year (v4): 2021.
Series: Studio Still Life Photography.
Series Years: 1994 – Present (On-Going).

☆ You can buy Fine Art Studio Still Life Photography Series Prints at this Link @Imagekind:

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Foxfire Kinemon, THE NINE RED SCABBARDS Photography Series is now completed

Title: “Foxfire Kinemon”.

☆ Leader of The Nine Red Scabbards.

Creation Date: 23 JANUARY 2021.

Creation Year: 2021.
By: Nawfal Johnson.

☆ You can Buy this Artwork Now, in High-Quality Prints and Gallery Canvas, at the Following Link :

SERIES: NINE RED SCABBARDS ( 赤鞘九人男 ). Romanized: Akazaya Kunin Otoko, or, simply, “Akazaya Nine”.
YEAR: 2020 – 2021 (Completed).


The “Nine Red Scabbards” Abstract Light Streaks Photography Series, is, of course, a nine piece series depicting the Samurai and Ninja Retainers of Kozuki Oden, of the country of Wano, in the One Piece (Manga / Anime) World.
“Kozuki Oden was the daimyo of Kuri in Wano Country and the son of the former shogun Kozuki Sukiyaki, being a member of the Kozuki Family. He was the husband of Kozuki Toki and the father of Momonosuke and Hiyori. Additionally, he was the leader of a group of legendary and powerful samurai known as the Nine Red Scabbards, with all of them serving as his retainers and most trusted allies.”
Oden was also formerly the 2nd Division Commander of the White Beard Pirates.
When Oden returned to Wano, he was captured, and executed by his nemesis, Lord Orochi, and the Yonko, Kaido.
There was one traitor (double-agent) among the original Nine Red Scabbards, Kanjuro, [who] “later confronted his former comrades with an army at Onigashima’s back entrance. After mocking them and explaining Momonosuke’s escape attempt and how his execution was taking place, Kanjuro clashed with Kikunojo. He was then defeated [by Kikunojo] and left bleeding on the ground, and Kin’emon solemnly dropped his hat upon him in passing.”

Therefore, the traitor, Kanjuro, is not in this series—No Traitors Allowed! In his place is an honorary Scabbard, Izo.

Kikunojo, NineRedScabbards, Ninja, Samurai, OnePiece, Orochi, Wano, Kairi, Abstract, Expressionism, anime, manga, Firefox Kinemon, Photography, Art, Abstract , Inspirational, Bushido,

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If an Artist attempts to Fix an Artwork by Focusing on the Wrong Part of the Work to Fix!

“Many an artist has fussed all day with a face, changing and changing and never getting it right because the fault should have been found in the background which he has neglected….The background is the support of the head.”

HENRI, ROBERT. THE ART SPIRIT. New York: Harper & Row, Publishers, 1984.

I may be an Abstract Artist, but whenever I need authentic, useable, functional, sage advice, I always go to Master Painter, Robert Henri, to contemplate the words he used to teach and encourage his students. I usually find something in almost everything he said, to apply to my own work as an Abstract Artist.


MENTAL NOTE #95: I seem to do my most creative, chaotic, and complex artworks AFTER Midnight!

I appreciate the artistic inspiration any time of the day; nonetheless, I wonder why my artistic muses do not visit me earlier in the day …. Would it be asking too much? I think the Muses don’t care if I sleep properly.

MENTAL NOTE #94, “LYRICAL BOLLOCKS”, my NEW Modern Conceptual Art Series – A True MASTERPIECE Of the Genre, MORE POWERFUL than a BLACK HOLE!

MENTAL NOTE #94: “LYRICAL BOLLOCKS”, my NEW Modern Conceptual Art Series – Complete MASTERPIECE Artworks Of the Modern Conceptual Art Genre, MORE POWERFUL than a BLACK HOLE!

LYRICAL BOLLOCKS — It’s a Serious 2-Part Parody-Series of an Art Movement that takes itself Seriously.

par•o•dy păr′ə-dē►

  • n.A literary or artistic work that imitates the characteristic style of an author or a work for comic effect or ridicule.

But in my case, I am serious in the artistic merit and value of my works in the “LYRICAL BOLLOCKS” series. They transcend time and space … not like so much of that other rubbish that infects Modern Art. “LYRICAL BOLLOCKS” FINE ART SERIES
YEAR : 2020.
SERIES DESCRIPTION : As instantaneous replicas become transfixed through frantic and repetitive practice, the viewer is left with a microscopic clue to the possibilities of our era while wildly confused by the emptiness of The VOID.

That, my friends, is pure power!


“Sure Jan.”

Here’s the First Artwork from my new series: VOID #1.



No. Look carefully and you will see a tiny dot in the upper-left quadrant of the work. It’s not just one dot, it’s two dots — I suggest you stand 6-inches away from the work to grip the full power of its magnificence. The 100% Zoomed-image below, shows the two lonely Dot Figures sitting in “The Empty”, aka, The VOID.

Two Lonely Figures sitting in “The Empty”, aka, The Void.



Year: 2020
Artwork Description:
As temporal replicas become distorted through emergent and diverse patterns and repetitions of blackness, the viewer is sucked into the artwork, and embraced by two isolated and miniscule figures, left with a testament to the darkness of our future in VOID #1.




Influences of this Work:

I would attribute the following MODERN-DAY MASTERPIECE as the key source of inspiration, after all it must be great, it is being exhibited in a major art museum.

That dude’s going, like, “What the fuck is it?!? I don’t get it.”

Masterpiece’s Title: Either “Untitled”, because that’s the hip thing to do in Modern Art.

Or, it may be Titled, “The damned dog knocked over the black paint can and covered my canvas”. Something this stunning needs NO Title! The visual greatness speaks volumes, and a title would only diminish the superiority of this work….Title! HA! We don’t need no stinking titles to describe GREATNESS!

Whatever it is, I was paralyzed with awe, and had to do my best to compose something at least half as Masterful as that work.

I hope you love the VOID artworks as much as everyone else does, I think in centuries to come, art connoisseurs will still be singing their praises for my MASTERPIECES in the LYRICAL BOLLOCKS SERIES.

“Sure Jan.”

Oh My! I am so Overwhelmed with Greatness, that I will have to save VOID #2, for the next MENTAL NOTE … My own Awesomeness is TOO Much for me to Comprehend!