Do you feel like you have too much STUFF?

I know that I feel like I have way too much stuff filling boxes, lining shelves, and covering tables. Why? Why so much stuff? Is it necessary? George Carlin mentioned something about people needing space for their 4th grade arithmetic papers — I’m not that bad by any means.

I would LOVE TO MINIMIZE my STUFF to one Camera Bag, a Backpack, an art supply box, and maybe one or two boxes of my MOST PRECIOUS STUFF. And clothes. Everything else, sell it, or donate it.

Then, if you want to move, all you need to do is sling your bags, carry your three boxes, and for the bigger items (e.g., bed, stove, etc), a small truck for hauling your ‘MINIMIZED STUFF’ is good enough.


YES, probably, as long as you have the willpower not to be too emotionally attached to your STUFF. HOWEVER, I think it would not be easy to do, because most people are very attached to their STUFF.

Recently, a close relative died, and I was wondering, ‘I doubt as he was dying, he cared about any of his stuff, seriously.‘ His wife and children may want to keep a couple small items as keepsakes. NEVERTHELESS, now, the family will need to deal with all of the stuff left behind.

I think that lots and lots of STUFF can become more like a ball and chain you have to drag around with you until you die, and then other people have to deal with your stuff, which is probably not as important to them.

The “STUFF ISSUE” is just something I’ve been considering more NOW, after the death of my family member.