Say “Thank You!”

There is one simple thing you must do if someone else does something for you, or helps you with anything, and that is to say “Thank You!”

Saying “thank you” would seem like a natural and logical conclusion to receiving help, BUT NO, there are a lot of ill-mannered, rude, and ungrateful people out there.  There are people who ask for your precious time, and then don’t have the common courtesy to give you a “Thank You” for your help!

You don’t owe anyone else, voluntarily, portions of your precious time — NO, you don’t.  I give my help because I decide I want to help someone. I want photo-students to learn something, maybe they even learn something new, or unexpected.  HOWEVER, IF I DECIDE TO GIVE MY HELP (PRO BONO), then I don’t expect anything in return, BUT, I DO EXPECT a “thank you”!   

AND THAT IS MY LESSON FOR TODAY!  Say “Thank You”!  Be Grateful.

IF YOU DON’T GIVE SOMEONE A “THANK YOU”, it just shows how poorly raised you were, or how much you didn’t listen to your mother or father when they were giving you lessons in manners.

I will be much more prudent and economizing with my precious time before I instantly decide to help a photo-student again, in the future.  I will first ask the photo-student to write a 500 word essay on their personal beliefs on “Gratitude” (and I’m serious about that).

 I will sum up this helpful essay, and I will give an important piece of advice to any photography student wanting to be a professional photographer.  More important than any photography knowledge you have, it will be paramount to have good manners! If you CAN’T say “Thank You” to teachers and mentors, you will never, probably, say thank you to clients. Photographers who are ungrateful to their clients will not be in business very long. THEREFORE, be grateful to everyone who gives of their time to you — Be thankful!

Behind the Lens…

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