MENTAL NOTE #52, XENOPHON, MY 2ND MOST FAVOURITE GREEK! Words of Wisdom and How The Elite Really Operate!

MENTAL NOTE #52: Words of MUCH WISDOM, from my 2nd Most Favourite Greek, Xenophon of Athens (430-c.354 BCE), ON HOW THE ELITE GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING!

“Menon the Thessalian did not either conceal his immoderate desire of riches or his desire of commanding, in order to increase them, or of being esteemed for the same reason. He desired to be well with those in power, that his injustice might escape punishment.” ~ Xenophon ~

That is EXACTLY what the rich and powerful still do today: They insulate themselves with the super rich and super powerful, and then they get away with everything.

“But Nawfal,” you ask, “Who is your #1 Favourite Greek—With Xenophon at #2!?!” My Favourite, of course, is MARINA KANAVAKI — A Great Artist who has a Beautiful Soul! Here’s her website link, Go Check it Out: You’ll be Happy You did¦