IT marks X on the Demon Woman

Full Title: “IT marks X on the Demon Woman.”

Creation Year: 2020.
Copyright 2020 Nawfal Johnson
All Rights Reserved.

“LIGHT within SMOKE” is a series that contains elements of both Smoke-Art Photography and Light Streaks Photography. Most of the artwork titles are very detailed because there is so much action going on in each piece, performed by odd combinations of colourful characters.

Series Year(s): 2019 – Present (On-Going).

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Photography, #Art, #ContemporaryArt, #NawfalJohnsonNur, #SmokeArt, #LightStreaksPhotography, #UnusualArt, #UniqueArt, #Chaos, #Order, #DetailedArt, #Toros, #Alien, #man, #red, #blue, #WaroftheWorld, Falcon, Owl, Geisha, Spider, OptimusPrime, Pigeon, IT, Demon, Woman,

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